Get Guided CJUS 230 Quiz Paper Elements

Get Guided CJUS 230 Quiz Paper Elements

CJUS 230 Quiz: Paper Elements and Writing Style

  • Which of the following subordinate clauses using relative pronouns is written correctly:
  • What type of paragraph alignment should be used:
  • Please choose the appropriate Level 3 heading.
  • Because scholarly writing is boring, APA writers should use colloquial expressions, contractions, and jargon to make the writing enjoyable.
  • Which of the following questions should be considered when revising a paper:
  • Choose the item(s) where there is no redundancy of language.
  • On a Student Title Page, the page number should appear in the following location:
  • Choose the item(s) where there is a redundancy of language.
  • The heading level style recommended by the APA consists of seven possible formatting arrangements.
  • The running head should be the following length:

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