Get Guided COUC 667 Quiz 6

Get Guided COUC 667 Quiz 6


  1. Which of the following is true of “Evangelical Christian Spirituality” (click all that apply)?
  2. Which ONE of the following, when working with a client, would evidence the implicit work of the Holy Spirit according to Tan?
  3. The work of the Holy Spirit can be described in 5 ways according to Tan which of the 3 below are possible ways?
  4. Which of the following corresponds to “Christian Spiritualty” according to Tan (click all that apply)?
  5. Tan based his understanding of the fruit of the Spirit on Galatians 5:22-23 which of the following would be the fruit of the Spirit (click all that apply)?
  6. True or False. There is a “one size fits all” to growing in Christ or practicing Christian Spirituality.
  7. True or False, At times a client may be experiencing both a mental illness and the influence of the demonic
  8. Tan focuses on which of the following Code of Ethics as a guide for a Christian Counselor.
  9. When considering the use of spiritually based interventions with a client, e.g., prayer, which of the following would the Christian counselor need to assess (click all that apply)?
  10. When thinking of Christian integration, which of the following are considered potential concerns (click all that apply)?
  11. Which ONE of the following is an ethic that focuses on the character of the counselor?
  12. The second step in the inverted pyramid in the case conceptualization process is _
  13. Which of the following accurately describes “diagnosis” according to Schwitzer and Rubin?
  14. True or False. A solid starting point when determining a diagnosis is to start by is determining which classes of disorders the client’s signs and symptoms most align with.
  15. Which of the following is not a diagnosable disorder according to the DSM-5
  16. What are the four steps in the case conceptualization process in order?
  17. Switzer and Rubin offer 4 thematic groupings for step 2 of the inverted pyramid method. Which one is not a thematic grouping approach?
  18. To select and behavioral identify the targeted problems, Switzer and Rubin suggest all of the following?
  19. Which of the following defines the Introduction Stage?
  20. In which stage would a therapist do the most work to facilitate client change?
  21. Anhedonia refers to:
  22. Which of these is an example of gentle assumption?
  23. If a client states that there’s no hope and he feels like killing himself, a good intervention strategy includes which of the following?
  24. True or False. Tan notes when attempting Christian integration with a secular theory (e.g., CBT, DBT, existentialism, feminism), the Christian counselor needs to evaluate the secular theory principles against Scriptural truths before applying them.
  25. Which of the following could be “spiritual” issues in a session (click all that apply)?

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