Get Guided EDUC 771 Quiz 2

Get Guided EDUC 771 Quiz 2

EDUC 771 Quiz 2: Curriculum Evaluation Chapters 11 & 12

  1. Objectives in the psychomotor domain are mainly evaluated by this method.
  2. This test was established to measure achievement in ten areas of learning and to assess achievement changes over years.
  3. According to the text, these are two major features of the CIPP model.
  4. With norm-referenced measurement, student test performance is compared to
  5. The Phi Delta Kappa Committee identified these four types of evaluations.
  6. According to the Joint Committee on Standards for Educational Evaluation, these are four qualities of an evaluation.
  7. The terms actionhistoricaldescriptive, and experimental describe these.
  8. According to the text, this is the purpose of evaluation.
  9. According to the text, the CIPP model provides a way for curriculum evaluators to do this.
  10. Tomlinson and Moon advocate for these educational actions.

Other sets

  1. Many states have adopted core curriculum standards. Which standards are used in your location? Explain and defend your chosen position on core curriculum standards. Explain and defend the reasons why a state may or may not adopt a core set of standards. Describe at least one example in a 100-word short-answer reply. Include Scriptural support for your response.
  2. According to the text, the curriculum worker is able to identify the needs of the community because he or she is usually aware of significant changes.
  3. According to the text, subjects contain certain essential areas or topics that, if the learner is to achieve mastery of the field, must be taught at certain times and in a certain prescribed order. This is known as:
  4. According to the text, the fast pace of life in the USA is changing this.
  5. As an early example of national curriculum goals, these were some of the 7 Cardinal Principles.
  6. According to the text, a curriculum needs assessment is.
  7. The various types of educational outcomes presented on page 161 are:
  8. According to the text, these do not dictate the inquiry approach, method of instruction, or mode of teaching.
  9. When data are collected in a needs assessment, it is important to obtain it from the following sources.
  10. Curriculum Goals or Overarching Ideas and Curriculum Objectives or Standards In constructing curriculum goal statements, it is essential to focus on this.
  11. Curriculum Goals or Overarching Ideas and Curriculum Objectives or Standards With the test-coding format, this takes place.
  12. Curriculum Goals or Overarching Ideas and Curriculum Objectives or Standards According to the text, it is important for curriculum guides it is important to have enough detail so that this can happen.
  13. This refers to student inclinations, attitudes, and feelings toward a particular topic.
  14. Data and Evidence-Informed Decision Making
  15. According to Wagner, students need to demonstrate survival skills in the following:
  16. Data and Evidence-Informed Decision-Making The curriculum planner may identify this as a level of need.
  17. Ralph Tyler states there are three sources of general objectives. The sources are:
  18. Curriculum Goals or Overarching Ideas and Curriculum Objectives or Standards Curriculum guides offer the most flexibility to the
  19. When a school conducts a needs assessment survey of parents, students, and teachers, it is known as
  20. In analyzing the needs of society, the curriculum worker must bring a particular set of skills to the task. According to the text, two skills are necessary are:
  21. With the examples of Exhibitions, students show learning and proficiency through this.

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