Get Guided GEOG 410 Quiz 4

Get Guided GEOG 410 Quiz 4



  • A necessary planning consideration of culture could include:
  • The classic example of national resource deprivation given in the book and lecture is:
  • According to the text, possible environmental friction in the future could take the form of:
  • Examples of customs, rituals, and cultural complexes when attempting to work with cultures abroad may include considerations of:
  • A solution to shortages of resources and raw materials could take the form of:
  • Critical resources influential in the needs of nations include all BUT which of the following:
  • The Acronym used for planning purposes by the Army and designed to consider the impact of terrain and weather would be:
  • The author states at the beginning of chapter 15 in the text that “Many sore spots and flash points have geographic origins, of which contention territorial claims and environmental altercations perhaps are most common.” True or False:
  • The video professor pointed out the advantages held by the use of:
  • The Acronym used to describe the human context in operations today is
  • The thesis of this class is that culture is a function of physical geography and the military is a part of the culture. How would the use of PMESII-PT within the human context of the Operational environment and METT-T within the planning process reinforce the thesis or diverge from it in your opinion? Identify how the changing and unchanging nature of physical geography has affected the conduct of a particular historical military operation.

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