Get Guided GOVT 406 Quiz Describing

Get Guided GOVT 406 Quiz Describing



GOVT 406 Quiz: Describing Land Interests
  1. The description, “All my land except the spring house”:
  2. How many square miles are in a township?
  3. Which of the following would make metes and bounds description insufficient?
  4. When a deed description is invalid:
  5. A latent ambiguity:
  6. Each section contains:
  7. How many sections are in a township?
  8. Which of the following would be a parcel of land with 1,600 acres?
  9. In the event, there is an ambiguity in a description, which of the following would be used to resolve the ambiguity?
  10. A deed for the conveyance of land included the following description: “The L. W. Anacker farm in the town of Stanton.”
  11. “All land but my spring” is a sufficient description.
  12. Townships are numbered according to their distance from guide meridians.
  13. Oral evidence can be used to clarify a latent ambiguity.
  14. If there is a plat map and a metes and bounds description with ambiguity, the plat map will control the result.
  15. A metes and bounds description requires an immovable starting point.
  16. A street address is a sufficient legal description.
  17. A township has 640 sections.
  18. A metes and bounds description that has no beginning point is legally insufficient.
  19. A description in a deed that refers to a plat map that is then not attached to the deed is legally insufficient.
  20. A risk in metes and bounds descriptions is that starting points can move or disappear.

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