Get Guided Liberty APOL 330 Quiz 2

Get Guided Liberty APOL 330 Quiz 2


  1. According to Screwtape if a man can’t be cured of churchgoing, the next best thing is to send him all over the neighborhood to find the church that “suits” him
  2. The kinds of churches that Screwtape encourages Wormwood to take the patient to are those that are watered down and inconsistent
  3. When it comes to the temptation of gluttony, Screwtape limits his focus to excess and neglects delicacy
  4. Screwtape’s strategy against marriage involves equating marital commitment with the feeling of “being in love “
  5. Screwtape believes that he has a real handle on why God created human beings
  6. Screwtape believes that he can use both unchastity and marriage (given the right circumstances) to his advantage in oppressing the patient
  7. According to Screwtape, in the campaign of sexual temptation, the role of the eye plays an exceedingly large role, especially in attacks against men
  8. Wormwood is encouraged to have the patient convinced that time is not his own
  9. According to Screwtape, the sense of ownership ought to always be encouraged
  10. Screwtape believes that the earliest believers were converted by a single historical fact (the Passion) and a single theological doctrine (Christology)
  11. Screwtape encourages investigations of the historical Jesus
  12. Screwtape desires for Wormwood’s patient to not think of himself as belonging to “we Christians” as must as “my set” within the greater body of Christ
  13. The “defect” that was present in the patient’s mistress that Screwtape hopes would grow into a “most beautiful vice” is
  14. Screwtape is always very interested in the particulars of the war that is going on in the patient’s context
  15. The ambiguity of the word “love” can be used to make people believe that because of “love” they have solved problems that they have only pretended to deal with or have kicked down the road
  16. Screwtape and his colleagues have been successful at turning the pleasure of eating into gluttony and the pleasantness of change into the pursuit of                                                                                                                             
  17. Screwtape believes that both an answered prayer and an unanswered prayer can be used to his advantage
  18. Screwtape wants people/patients to understand how their generation relates to previous generations
  19. Screwtape makes it clear that the patient’s immediate death is not a win for him or Wormwood
  20. The general rule which has been established by Screwtape’s organization concerning the perception of reality is that in all experiences which can make patients happy or better only the physical facts are “real” while the spiritual elements are “subjective.”
  21. How has Screwtape and his band disguised gluttony in chapter 17?
  22. What does Screwtape mean by “mere Christianity” in chapter 25?
  23. What is meant in chapter 27 about having people consider the “Historical Point of View”?
  24. Screwtape is ultimately pleased with Wormwood’s performance
  25. I have read the entirety of Screwtape Letters

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