Get Guided Liberty University BIBL 425 Quiz 1

Get Guided Liberty University BIBL 425 Quiz 1


Quiz: Introduction and Universal Sinfulness

  • Select the author of the letter to the Roman Christians?
  • Who served as the apostle Paul’s amanuensis, actually writing down the content of the letter to Romans as Paul dictated it?
  • Paul most likely composed Romans during his third missionary journey while residing in Corinth, Greece.
  • The author of Romans introduces himself with three descriptors in Romans 1:1. Which of the following is not one of those descriptions?
  • Paul’s letter to the Romans is an occasional letter, meaning that it addresses the specific situation of the Roman church.
  • The occasional nature of Romans reflects that it was written to a specific audience in order to address specific concerns.
  • Which is not one of the several purposes for Romans?
  • What is the “common denominator” among the several purposes for Romans?
  • The apostle Paul most likely composed Romans during his third missionary journey while residing in Corinth, Greece.
  • According to the evidence, it is most likely that the apostle Peter founded the church in Rome.
  • How did the expulsion of the Jews from Rome in A.D. 49 by Emperor Claudius drastically change the character of the church in Rome?
  • Which is not one of the key emphases within Romans that indicate a situation in which the Jewish Christians were in the minority?
  • What does the phrase “the requirements of the law are written on their hearts” indicate?
  • What is the result of sinning either under the law or apart from the law (2:12)?
  • What does the second “exchange sequence” (1:25–26) verify as being directly connected to idolatry?
  • The term “conscience” (syneidesis) in 2:15 indicates that God has built into all people a fundamental sense of right and wrong.
  • Following his announcement of the theme of the letter: the gospel of Jesus Christ that is God’s saving power that reveals His righteousness to all who believe, Paul presents the reality of God’s wrath against sin (1:18–32).
  • Depraved mind in 1:28 literally means an unapproved mind.
  • Romans 2:17–29 may be divided into two categories, the first focusing on
  • Paul expresses his longing to see the Romans Christians so that he may impart some spiritual gift in order to strengthen them.
  • According to Moo, God’s judgment in Christ referred to in 2:16 points to God’s judgment at the end of history. In other words, this judgment is eschatological.
  • What is the foremost advantage of being a Jew according to 3:1–2?
  • Salvation (soteria) and the verb (sozo) often refers to the “final deliverance from sin and evil that will come to the believer at death or the Parousia.”
  • What phrase from Romans 1:1–7 sums up the very “essence of Christian living”?
  • Romans is comparative to ancient Greco–Roman letters of the first century A.D.

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