Get Guided Liberty University BUSI 505 Quiz 7 

Get Guided Liberty University BUSI 505 Quiz 7

  1. Which region in the world has become a world leader in the use of national and regional health networks and electronic health records (EHRs)?
  2. Which international organization develops and maintains standards for data exchange?
  3. The International Council of Nurses identified a role of health practitioners in using which health informatics initiative?
  4. Which international organization deals with compatibility and interoperability among standard development organizations in healthcare?
  5. The World Health Organization has identified many health informatics initiatives. Which initiative has been and continues to be a concern for information sharing across countries and states and requires collaborative work?
  6. Which international organization organizes an international conference on nursing informatics?
  7. Which organization plays a key role in development of global health informatics?
  8. Which international organization develops and maintains a family of international classifications such as the International Classification of Diseases?
  9. The role of health practitioners in the International Organization for Standardization of health informatics initiatives involves developing and testing:
  10. Which issue is a deterrent to global interoperability?

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