Get Guided Liberty University CJUS 362 Exam 2 

Get Guided Liberty University CJUS 362 Exam 2

  • Shoe and tire marks impressed into soft earth can be best preserved by:
  • Crime scene reconstruction involves the efforts of all but the
  • Distinctive markings of shells and cartridges can be made by the:
  • The approximate drying time of a pool of blood can be used to estimate the timing of events at a crime scene and is dependent upon:
  • Small amounts of blood are best submitted to a crime laboratory:
  • The reason grooves are rifled into the bore of a gun is so that a:
  • When an object with blood on it touches one that does not have blood on it, this produces a(n):
  • Unauthorized intrusion into a computer is called:
  • The comparison of two bullets is possible with the comparison microscope. Such a study is made difficult by the fact that:
  • Crime scene reconstructions have the best chance of accuracy if:
  • Discharged evidence bullets must be carefully handled to avoid damage to the:
  • One of the most common places to begin to look for evidential data is:
  • Which of the following procedures is not to be followed in collecting and packaging firearms evidence at the crime scene?
  • The distribution of gunpowder particles and other discharge residues around a bullet hole permits:
  • At the crime scene, the string method is used to find the ________ of an impact spatter pattern.
  • By counting and pairing the patterns of a(n) ________ pattern, an investigator can estimate the minimum number of blows inflicted upon a victim.
  • Crime scene reconstruction requires the piecing together of:
  • The ultimate goal of obtaining an image of a hard disk drive is to:
  • When a gun is recovered from an underwater location, it should be:
  • How should blood-containing clothes from a victim be packaged?
  • To prevent the disturbance of latent fingerprints on a firearm, the weapon should be lifted by:
  • Generally, bloodstain diameter ________ as height increases.
  • Proper location and documentation of bloodstain patterns at the crime scene is the responsibility of:
  • Which of the following actions taken at the crime scene involving a computer is incorrect?
  • If a murder victim’s blood is found in the muzzle of a firearm:

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