Get Guided Liberty University EDUC 500 APA Quiz 1 

Get Guided Liberty University EDUC 500 APA Quiz 1


  1. For all direct quotes, you must include the page number where the quote was found in your citation. What do you do if there is an author, and year, but not a page number in your source?
  2. In the reference for a journal article, what items should be italicized?
  3. Clayton, Jones, and Culver are authors of an article published in 2013. If you have a quote that begins on page 144 and ends on page 145, what will the citation look like?
  4. The citation for a direct quote should include which items?
  5. You are writing a paper on leadership, and you find the quote, “Servant leaders, however, look at leadership as an act of service.”  Here is the information on the book. The authors were Ken Blanchard and Phil Hodges. The year of publication is 2003. The page number of the quote is page 18. How should the citation look following the quote?
  6. The LU Online Honor Code for Undergraduate and Graduate Students is available at In the policy it states examples include, but are not limited to, the following explanations regarding plagiarism, cheating, and falsification:
  7. You have an article that begins on page 46 and ends on page 57. In the reference for a journal article, which page numbers should you list at the end of your reference?
  8. What should the title be of the sources used in your paper using APA format?
  9. When citing a reference from the Bible within the text of your paper, how should it look?
  10. There are two times that a source is only referenced as a citation within the document and NOT listed in your reference list. When are they?
  11. When do you use “and” to separate the names of authors?
  12. Which of the following sentences is written correctly in APA format?
  13. Which statement is not true for a references page?
  14. When should you not use et al in your citation in your paper?
  15. If you are unsure how to cite a source or to write a reference in your paper, where should the main source or best source you go to for writing something in APA format in the Liberty SOE program?
  16. If you are reading a journal article by Colon and Thompson (2017), and the article, cited information from another source, such as (Keith & Mott, 2015), what should you do if you want to use that information in your paper?
  17. When wouldn’t you use “&” to separate the names of authors?
  18. Based on Chapters 6 and 7 of the APA Manual (6th ed.) which of the following is the correct reference for a book?
  19. When a direct quotation is longer than 39 words, what special actions need to be taken?
  20. Which is the correct layout for a reference for a journal article in APA format?

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