Get Guided Liberty University GOVT 302 Test 1

Get Guided Liberty University GOVT 302 Test 1



  1. Who drew most heavily on Thomas Aquinas and the Scholastics for his teachings?
  2. Who believed that since good works have no merit toward gaining salvation, there is no
  3. According to Calvin, fallen human reason can be relied upon in which of these subjects?
  4. Which characteristic should a prince appear to have, according to Machiavelli?
  5. Which type of law is recognized by Richard Hooker?
  6. Who believed that even a bad ruler must be obeyed?
  7. All of the following stressed the doctrine of the “church invisible” except
  8. Who accepted the medieval doctrine of the “two swords” to explain the relation of church
  9. Machiavelli advises that a ruler who becomes the prince of his native city should seek to rule
  10. According to Machiavelli, fortune controls
  11. Who influenced Luther and Calvin’s view of scripture?
  12. Who said that the procedures for marriage and divorce should be left to the civil government?
  13. Who believed in the total depravity of man?
  14. Who wrote the Laws of Ecclesiastical Polity?
  15. Who believed that all the legal requirements of the Old Testament should be upheld by the government today?
  16. Who believed that the best could be identified with the oldest?
  17. The reformed doctrine of justification held that men are justified by the free gift of
  18. According to Leo Strauss, the key to understanding Machiavelli’s Discourse is
  19. Who claimed that it was the duty of Christians to revolt against an ungodly prince?
  20. Who wrote the Institutes of the Christian Religion?
  21. According to Leo Strauss’ article in your textbook, Machiavelli uses this emperor as a model for a prince who wishes to become the founder of a new state
  22. Who wrote the Vindiciae Contra Tycannos?
  23. The Reformers believed that the spiritual and temporal kingdoms are
  24. The Reformers held that the proper relationship between church and state is
  25. Machiavelli tells the prince to distrust any advisor who
  26. Who held that matters of church polity must be decided by human reason?
  27. Hooker believed all of the following, except
  28. Who held that the best religion is one which is most useful for achieving political ends?
  29. Who believed in the doctrine of the social contract and popular sovereignty?
  30. Who understood scripture as setting limits within which positive guidance must be sought
  31. from reason, tradition, or history?
  32. The Prince is dedicated to
  33. Machiavelli advises rulers to cultivate a reputation for
  34. According to the Reformers, if government commands me to break God’s law, I can do all except
  35. Who favored monarchic rule?
  36. Who claimed that church polity must be conformable to scripture?
  37. Who held that temporal government has the responsibility for the maintenance of true worship
  38. For Luther and Calvin, natural law is ultimately identical to
  39. The core of reformed theology is the doctrine of
  40. Why should the government be obeyed, according to Luther and Calvin?
  41. According to Machiavelli, what do the common people expect of a ruler?
  42. According to Luther and Calvin man belongs to “two kingdoms.” What are these two kingdoms and what is the relationship between them?
  43. Explain Luther’s idea of the church invisible. How is it different from the visible church?

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