Get Guided Liberty University GOVT 330 Exam 1

Get Guided Liberty University GOVT 330 Exam 1


  1. Anarchism means
  2. The Magna Carta
  3. The Arab Spring began in this country:
  4. A party leader in Britain
  5. Which of the following countries has a presidential-parliamentary system?
  6. Elected legislatures
  7. Empirical political science
  8. Which of the following is not an example of separation of powers in the United
  9. According to Freedom House data, which category has the highest average GDP/capita?
  10. A prime minister would be most likely to call a snap election if
  11. The single-member district/plurality system
  12. The rule of law
  13. Britain’s government
  14. Locke advocated all of the following, except
  15. In the course of testing a hypothesis, which of the following typically occurs LAST?
  16. Transparency means
  17. Which type of electoral model does England use?
  18. Over the course of the last hundred years, the United Kingdom can best be thought of as a(n)
  19. Party discipline is most likely to be found in
  20. British Elections
  21. Governmental instability means that
  22. Which of the following countries was not a colonizing power in Africa?
  23. Write an essay explaining A) some of the differences and similarities between democracies and authoritarian regimes. B) Define these terms as used by political scientists: state, institutions, regime, and government. C) What is nationalism? Be sure to answer all parts (A, B, and C) of this question.


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