Get Guided Liberty University HLTH 252 Case Studies

Get Guided Liberty University HLTH 252 Case Studies



  • 2 case studies are included

There will be 2 Case Study Analyses during the course. The student is required to read an article and analyze the issue.  The student will then thoroughly discuss the prevalence of the issues using moral and biblical positions, evidence-based information, and public health issues surrounding the topic in each case analysis. The student will present the case in paragraph form using current APA formatting (Times New Roman, 12-point font, 1” margins, and double-spaced). A title page and reference page including 2–3 scholarly references must be included. The student must use 2–3 scholarly references along with citations from the assigned reading to answer the case studies. The body of each case study analysis must be 2–3 pages. Students are encouraged to write using headings.  An abstract page is not necessary for this assignment.  For more information, refer to the Case Study Analysis Instructions and Grading Rubric found in the Assignment Instructions folder in Blackboard.


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