Get Guided Liberty University HLTH 349 Final 

Get Guided Liberty University HLTH 349 Final



  1. Treatment that involves intensive, individualized services over an indefinite period of time is
  2. Deinstitutionalization from state mental hospitals began in the
  3. True or False? In the United States, over two million adults experience homelessness over the course of a year.
  4. True or False? The fight or flight reaction can be maintained for a significant length of time by the body.
  5. Provide two examples of secondary prevention in community mental health.
  6. The concept of equality in health care coverage for people with mental illness and those with other medical
  7. illnesses or injuries is
  8. True or False? Only about one-third of those diagnosed with a mental disorder receive treatment.
  9. True or False? Military service in a combat zone decreases one’s risk of experiencing PTSD.
  10. Describe two of the causes of mental disorders.
  11. The most influential book on mental health is
  12. True or False? Public hospitals are often found in small, rural communities.
  13. The type of managed care that buys fixed-rate health services from providers and sells them to consumers is:
  14. True or False? The major determinants of access to health care in the United States are insurance coverage and the generosity of that coverage.
  15. The type of health care practice that incorporates interventions aimed at disease prevention and health promotion is:
  16. True or False? The Hill-Burton Act provided substantial funds for medical education.
  17. True or False? Healthcare workers who have the specialized education and legal authority to treat any health problem or disease are independent providers.
  18. A negotiated set amount that a patient pays for certain services is a:
  19. What are the four parts of Medicare, and what do they cover?
  20. True or False? Of employed registered nurses, the largest majority work in offices of physicians.
  21. The part of Medicare that is the hospital insurance portion is:
  22. True or False? Protecting the public from foodborne disease outbreaks lies solely with local government health agencies.
  23. The most desirable form of integrated waste management is:
  24. True or False? The current number one method of disposal of municipal solid waste is combustion.
  25. The federal law aimed at ensuring that all rivers are swimmable and fishable and that limits the discharge of pollutants in U.S. waters to zero is the:
  26. Tobacco smoke inhaled and exhaled by the smoker is referred to as:
  27. Name five public health safer food-handling procedures.
  28. The substance that remains after humans have used water for domestic or commercial purposes is:
  29. The failure of a parent or guardian to care for or otherwise provide the necessary subsistence for a child is:
  30. In terms of unintentional injuries, falls disproportionately affect:
  31. An example of injury prevention through regulation is:
  32. In the United States, the leading type of unintentional injury death is due to:
  33. Any behavior that would increase the probability of an injury occurring is an:
  34. What is automatic or passive protection, and provide two examples?
  35. True or False? Workplace illnesses are reported more than workplace injuries.
  36. Work-related death from machinery, falling objects, electric current, and explosion are highest in:
  37. True or False? Farming is considered to be a hazardous occupation.
  38. A research body located in the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention responsible for developing and recommending occupational safety and health standards is:
  39. The racial/ethnic group with the lowest death rate from occupational injuries is:
  40. How are preplacement examinations used to reduce job-related injuries?

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