Get Guided LIFC 202 Quiz Blindspots

Get Guided LIFC 202 Quiz Blindspots



LIFC 202 Quiz: Blindspots and Breakthroughs

  1. According to the author, it is important to find a theory or model that works for you and stay focused on that model.
  2. It is crucial to have systems in place to keep knowledge up to date.
  3. In chapter 5 the author makes note of using one’s underpinning knowledge in the coaching profession and provides a list of knowledge areas to grow in. Which is not a part of that list?
  4. In chapter five, the author notes the importance of being open and non-judgmental. Which option best explains this view?
  5. A possible danger for coaches is falling into the “me too” filter. This occurs when one tends to deny or minimize one’s connection with the client and common experiences.
  6. The end of chapter five notes various key principles of what it takes to be a successful life coach. According to the book, success will ultimately be
  7. When considering the coaching profession and one’s strengths and weaknesses, it is not important to consider the coach in this regard. All focus should be on the client for their benefit.
  8. When considering one’s ability to empathize with others, it can be easy to put yourself above the client considering one’s expertise and knowledge in the field.
  9. The business side of coaching is something that has a strong learning curve and may take years to gain proficiency. This is especially true for independent coaches starting in the field.
  10. In the beginning of chapter 5, the author references a coach’s skill/qualities in regard to an iceberg. Which of these skills do not belong on that list?

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