Get Guided LIFC 604 Quiz Exam

Get Guided LIFC 604 Quiz Exam



Quiz / Exam 1
  1. Adults learn best when they are learning from life by doing what three things? [Stoltzfus, Chapter 1]
  2. According to Dale Stoll, what is the difference between mentoring and coaching?
  3. What is the coaching paradigm? [Stoltzfus, Chapter 2] does Stoltzfus believe is the biggest reason that Christians experience so little
  4. transformation in their lives? [Stoltzfus, Chapter 2]
  5. What is the downside to advice giving? [Stoltzfus, Chapter 3]
  6. What three aspects of our work do boundaries affect? [Cloud, Chapter 1]
  7. According to Cloud, the real paradox is what? [Cloud, Chapter 2]
  8. In order to define yourself, you must first know and own what ten elements of personhood. [Cloud, Chapter 3]
  9. Tim Clinton cites Bob Buford, stating that the real goal in life is to do what? [Module
  10. One Presentation on Life Leadership – What Separates People]
  11. According to Dr. Eric Scalise, in order minister to, and be an ambassador to a broken world, what three characteristics must a leader possess? [Module Two Presentation on Ambassadors for Christ – The Message of Servant Leadership]
  12. List the four myths about unity. [Module Two Presentation on Unity – The First Task of a
  13. According to Carawan, mission helps provide what? [Module Two Presentation on Unity
    • The First Task of a Leader]

Quiz 2

  1. Why do leadership coaches keep their clients responsible? [Stoltzfus, Chapter 5]
  2. What are the two words that describe a great coaching relationship? [Stoltzfus, Chapter 7]
  3. What highlights one of the deepest personal challenges of being a coach? [Stoltzfus, Chapter 7]
  4. The motivation that is negative can result in compliance but is missing what? [Cloud, Chapter 6]
  5. Admitting what you do not know demonstrates that you are confident to show your bad side and do what two things? [Cloud, Chapter 7]
  6. Cloud suggests differentiating between rocks and What should be placed in the jar first, what does each represent, and why should they be placed in the jar in that order? [Cloud, Chapter 8]
  7. In this presentation, leadership coaches are encouraged to focus on developing strengths and doing what with weaknesses. [Module Three Presentation on Essential Elements to Effective Leadership Coaching]
  8. Maturity is thought of as developing across three areas. What are these three areas? [Module Four Presentation on Finding Your Voice]
  9. What are the five areas of Christ’s model of servant leadership? [Module Four Presentation on Finding Your Voice]
  10. Does Tim Sanders suggest that there are four qualities that a person needs to connect and bond with another What are these four qualities? [Module Four Presentation on Strategies to Empower the Executives, you Coach]
  11. Clients often state they don’t have time to deal with a problem. What is the benefit of addressing the problem rather than ignoring it? [Module Four Presentation on Strategies to Empower the Executives, you Coach]
  12. What happens when desires become demands? [Module Four Presentation on Strategies to Empower the Executives, you Coach]

Quiz 3

  1. Stoltzfus states that he loves that coaching is client-centered. Why? [Stoltzfus, Chapter 9]
  2. In coaching, you are not giving your clients a product, but a service. What are the three services that coaching provides? [Stoltzfus, Chapter 9]
  3. What are the five key reasons why being goal-driven is vital to coaching effectively? [Stoltzfus, 2005].
  4. What four ways of responding convey meaning along with words? [Stoltzfus, Chapter 12]
  5. When are rules needed? [Cloud, Chapter 9]
  6. According to Cloud, what are two factors that outweigh the time-saving nature of emails? [Cloud, Chapter 10]
  7. What keeps an individual from having the freedom of self-control? [Cloud, Chapter 11]
  8. According to Cloud, to get to the “one life” that was discussed in the book, coaches must be committed to what two types of endings? [Cloud, Chapter 12]
  9. According to Carawan, regardless of position and stature, leaders are quite often what? [Module Five Presentation on Leading Through Tough Times]
  10. What are the differences between a victor and a victim? [Module Five Presentation on Leading Through Tough Times]
  11. In culturally competent counseling, a coach must invest time for time creates what? [Module Six Presentation on Culturally Competent Leadership]
  12. What are the six facets of understanding Generation Y’? [Module Six Presentation on Leading Multiple Generations]

Quiz 4

  1. Questions are tools used to help the coach do four things. What are they? [Stoltzfus, Chapter 13]
  2. What are two of Stoltzfus’ favorite asking techniques? [Stoltzfus, Chapter 13]
  3. What are the five facets of the coaching funnel? [Stoltzfus, Chapter 13]
  4. In the client-centered model, listening and asking are used for a specific purpose while action

and support are used for an alternate reason. What are listening/asking used for and what is action/support used for? [Stoltzfus, Chapter 15]

  1. What are four simple tests you can use to evaluate an action step? [Stoltzfus, Chapter 15]
  2. According to Stoltzfus, why do people fail at change? [Stoltzfus, Chapter 16]
  3. What is healthy accountability? [Stoltzfus, Chapter 16]
  4. What is the most powerful kind of affirmation? [Stoltzfus, Chapter 17]
  5. Since coaching is about believing in people, what should your first response be to a breakdown? [Stoltzfus, Chapter 17]
  6. According to Cloud, what is the goal of problem-solving? [Cloud, Chapter 13]
  7. What is the crucial element of being a good coach according to Carawan? [Module Seven

Presentation on Leaders Partnering at Home and at Work]

  1. What is the difference between criticism and critique? [Module Seven Presentation on Project Management for Leaders] Criticism is an attack on the person’s personal performance while critiquing is an enhancement of the person’s personality.

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