Get Guided NASC 210 Quiz Manipulation of Life and Transhumanism

Get Guided NASC 210 Quiz Manipulation of Life and Transhumanism



  1. A transgenic organism can be an organism that contains human genes to make human proteins that can be extracted for drug use for patients.
  2. Gene therapy is a technique that involves;
  3. Many gene therapy vectors under current use are disarmed viruses.
  4. Recombinant DNA technology has been used to make insulin. Insulin operates by;
  5. Liposomes can also be used as vectors for gene therapy. They are;
  6. Which of the following is true about EPO?
  7. Pigs cannot extract phosphorus from cereal so phosphorus is put into their diets. However, this leads to excess phosphorus in their manure. This is a problem because;
  8. The CRISPR mechanism was first discovered in bacteria which use the method as host defense against viruses.
  9. EPO is a hormone that naturally increases the number of red blood cells in the blood.
  10. Which of the following living organisms have a GMO counterpart?
  11. To prepare genes that will be inserted into a patient for gene therapy which of the following steps must be done using current technology?
  12. Which of the following anatomical sites is being tested or are targets for future gene therapies?
  13. Many of the early set-backs and deaths in the use of gene therapy involved;
  14. There are no GMO versions of lettuce, apples, potatoes, and grapes.
  15. Which of the following is true about restriction enzymes, and molecular scissors which make gene therapy possible?
  16. GMO salmon is salmon that has been genetically altered to grow faster and are grown in special aquatic enclosures to prevent them from getting in natural waterways. What are some problems which could arise from this technology?
  17. Gene silencing has been used to;
  18. cDNA is DNA that is complementary to the opposite strand of DNA from a double helix.
  19. DNA analysis and genetic testing can be done after death.
  20. Gene therapy can involve the insertion of a gene into a patient to correct a defective gene.
  21. Microarrays are used by DNA sequencing companies like 23 and Me to provide the customer with information about a predetermined set of genes or DNA sequences that they may possess because they bind to corresponding genes on the microarray.
  22. Genetic engineering is used to make a health product like insulin
  23. Which of the following is true regarding microarray structure, function, and their use to relay genetic information?
  24. Gene silencing involves antisense molecules, ribozymes, and RNA interference to block the translation of mRNAs.
  25. CRISPR genome editing could be used to bring back extinct species.

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