Get Guided NGRK 505 Quiz Greek

Get Guided NGRK 505 Quiz Greek



NGRK 505 The Greek New Testament and English Translations

  1. What is the name for two vowels that, when combined, produce a single sound?
  2. What are the Greek vowels?
  3. Transliterate (not translate) the following Greek sentence: ἐλθέτω ἡ βασιλεία σου
  4. How do translators decide which meaning of a word to use in a specific instance?
  5. A is a resource that will help analyze the various functions that the words in a sentence might be performing..
  6. Match the Greek punctuation marks with the correct name.
  7. What is the transliteration value of χ?
  8. A is a resource that will show the text of the Greek New Testament
  9. with its rough English meaning in parallel.
  10. True or False: All translation involves interpretation?
  11. A is a resource that will list all of the occurrences of a certain word in the Bible.
  12. What is the sound made by the rough breathing mark?
  13. Match the Greek accent marks with the correct name.
  14. Translating from one language to another is a precise science.
  15. You can study a biblical topic or doctrine exhaustively (e.g., “prayer”) by looking up all occurrences of the word in concordance.
  16. Koine Greek is:
  17. What is the transliteration value of ρ?
  18. What is the transliteration value of ν?
  19. What is the transliteration value of φ?
  20. What is the transliteration value of σ?
  21. Translations are free from practical or political influences?
  22. What is the transliteration value of γ?
  23. A is a resource that will give the range of meaning a word can take.
  24. What is the transliteration value of θ?
  25. Although people will generally prefer one translation more than others, preachers/teachers of the Bible should use their own preferred translation when delivering a sermon or lesson.
  26. The Message was not as free as The Living Bible, so a team of scholars was assembled to revise it.
  27. The New Testament is written in Koine Greek, but the Septuagint (LXX) is written in Classical Greek.
  28. The assigned reading stated this about the King James Version:
  29. This English translation is a dynamic equivalent:
  30. This kind of English translation “preserves the form of the original language as much as the new “receptor” language into which one is translating permits.”
  31. Which of the following translations is not considered to be a paraphrase?
  32. Transliterate the following Greek sentence: εὐλογήσαι σε κύριος.

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