Get Solved AVIA 435 Quiz 2

Get Solved AVIA 435 Quiz 2


  1. How many nicad batteries are installed in the aft equipment bay?
  2. How many buses are part of the AC system?
  3. Whenever single engine taxi is performed, turn the __________ Off to prevent fuel imbalance.
  4. According to the Shutdown Check, what are the correct switch positions for the 10th stage bleed air switches on the BLEED AIR PANEL?
  5. The 14th stage Bleed Air Leak Detection System uses a __________ overheat detection system.
  6. What is the source of air to the distribution manifold?
  7. In the wing leading edge, the wing anti-icing system uses a __________ overheat detection system.
  8. Bleed air from the 10th stage is used for __________.
  9. Each generator incorporates a GCU. Each GCU will remove itself from the bus system (Disable output) for the following reasons (Ref: CR2 OM 11-6.3)
  10. The 10th stage pneumatic system receives bleed air from __________.
  11. The FMS calculated thrust value can be displayed as.
  12. During the engine start sequence, at what N2 RPM does the start valve close and the starter disengage?
  13. Which of the following is required to be selected Off for takeoff?
  14. According to the Originating Check, what are the correct switch positions for the left and right 14th stage SOVs on the BLEED AIR PANEL? (Ref: CR2 OM 2-3.4)
  15. The maximum permissible fuel imbalance between the contents of the main left tank and the main right tank is __________ lbs.
  16. The APR system is armed for takeoff when:
  17. What is the maximum permissible individual loading on each main AC generator at 35,000 feet?
  18. Pushing an ENG FIRE PUSH switch light:
  19. Which circuit breaker panel is located behind the First Officer’s seat?
  20. Where is the 10th stage isolation valve located?
  21. What is the function of the APU generator?
  22. During automatically powered crossflow, if a fuel imbalance of more than __________ exists between the fuel tanks, the fuel computer opens the crossflow valve associated with the low wing tank allowing fuel to flow to that wing tank.
  23. The 10th stage Bleed Air Leak Detection System uses a __________ overheat detection system.
  24. DC BUS 2 is protected by __________?
  25. The 14th stage bleed air system __________.
  26. Pressing the EMER DEPR(ESS) switch light on the Cabin Press Control Panel drives the outflow valves fully open and allows the cabin altitude to climb to (a maximum of) __________ feet.
  27. With the engine vibration monitoring system, when the N1 vibe levels exceed __________ mils or greater, the color of the VIB gauge and the pointer change to amber.
  28. Where is the 14th stage isolation valve located? (Ref: CR2 OM 11-19.3)
  29. How many buses comprise the DC system?
  30. Which DC bus provides power to the engine and APU extinguishers and shut-off valves?
  31. The 10th stage bleed air SOVs are __________.
  32. Which of the following engine components is/are driven by the engine-mounted accessory gearbox?
  33. Which of the following is/are not correct concerning the two Pressure Regulating Shut-Off Valves (PRSOVs)?
  34. What is the power source for the internal cabin reading lights? (Ref: CR2 OM 11-6.8)
  35. Two __________ are installed in each wing leading edge to detect uncontrolled leakage of the anti-ice piccolo tubes.
  36. Which of the following is/are true concerning the automatic thrust lever retard system?
  37. Which of the following shut off fuel flow to the engine by closing the firewall shutoff valve?
  38. When no bleed air is provided or electrical power is lost, the 10th stage SOVs are
  39. When the (either) wing tank quantity drops below __________, the fuel computer initiates fuel transfer from the center tank to the wing tank.
  40. Inlight, which of the following statements is/are correct?

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