Get Solved AVMX 451 Quiz 1 / Test 1

Get Solved AVMX 451 Quiz 1 / Test 1


  1. If a maintenance technician tunes a communication radio to a specific frequency and checks for clarity simply by listening, that technician has performed
  2. The three areas of maintenance studied for MSG-2 were:
  3. Under the MSG-3 approach, any quantitative check to determine if something is performing within specific limits is known as:
  4. Which definition of “maintenance” includes, “…. the actions necessary to sustain or restore the integrity and performance of an airplane”?
  5. Which maintenance program objective is to restore safety to its inherent levels and is satisfied by unscheduled maintenance tasks?
  6. Which maintenance program objective is to obtain information necessary for maintenance program adjustment?
  7. Any component which is automatically replaced at a scheduled time would be part of
  8. Which definition of “maintenance” was developed for the U.S. military in the mid-1970s and includes, “…ensuring that physical assets continue to do what their users want them to do?
  9. The design engineer’s primary concern is to_________the entropy within the system or component being designed.
  10. Which of the following would most likely be part of an on-condition (OC) maintenance process?
  11. According to Kinnison and Siddiqui, which term is most often paired with verification?
  12. For the sake of standardization and clarity, the authors of Aviation Maintenance Management use which term for those who “work in the technical services organizations”?
  13. According to Kinnison and Siddiqui, one of the goals of an airline maintenance program is to:
  14. Which of the following would most likely be part of a hard time (HT) maintenance process?
  15. Process-oriented maintenance programs are developed for aviation using decision logic procedures developed by
  16. The terms “operational check” and “functional check” are synonymous.
  17. According to Kinnison and Siddiqui, it does not matter whether a system or component fails. What matters is how that failure affects aircraft operations.
  18. It is only the manufacturer, in conjunction with the regulatory authority (Federal Aviation Administration), which can determine which items can be placed on the master minimum equipment list.
  19. The task-oriented approach to maintenance uses predetermined maintenance tasks to avoid in-service failures.
  20. It is the mechanic’s job to combat the natural, continual increase in the entropy of the system during its operational lifetime. (pg. 6)
  21. As it relates to task-oriented maintenance, what does it mean to be a “top-down” approach?
  22. Describe the basic differences between MSG, MSG-2, and MSG-3.
  23. Match the following failure rate pattern descriptions with the appropriate illustration:

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