Get Solved BIBL 110 Extra Credit GENED Assessment Test

Get Solved BIBL 110 Extra Credit GENED Assessment Test

  1. When we view the overall emphasis of the Bible, the primary view indicated by the scriptures is
  2. A proper approach to the interpretation of Jesus’ parables should primarily do what?
  3. It is important to remember that the book of Proverbs teaches ________ truths for living.
  4. After reviewing the doctrine of the image of God in humankind as articulated in Genesis 1:26-17, it becomes clear that holding a biblical worldview has implications for virtually
  5. What is a biblical view of economics vs. an unbiblical view?
  6. Social upheavals and protests are indicative, at the very least, of which biblical truth listed below:
  7. Which view describes a biblical approach to engaging culture and society?
  8. Which of the guidelines below are useful for cross-cultural engagement?
  9. Lamin Sanneh, Yale Divinity School Professor of History and Professor of Missions and World Christianity, argues that one reason for Christianity’s global growth is that:
  10. Phyllis is seeking to better understand the idea of the business cycle and how to apply those principles to her own business. What resource below would best suit her needs?
  11. Imagine you are writing a book review for a history class on David Price’s, Love and Hate in Jamestown. Your professor has asked you give parenthetical citations instead of footnotes for the book under review. In the instructions the professor also tells you to put nothing in the parentheses except the page number. Which of the following comes closest to those instructions?
  12. In Beowulf, the author claims writes “Sometimes at pagan shrines they vowed offerings to idols, swore oaths that the killer of souls might come to their aid…That was their way, their heathenish hope…Oh, cursed is he who in time of trouble has to thrust his soul in the fire’s embrace…But blessed is he who after death can approach the Lord and find friendship.” Which of the following statements best summarizes this excerpt?
  13. Which of the following is a benefit of reading secondary sources?
  14. After reading the nine principles above, answer the following: Historian George Marsden has stated that the study of history teaches at least one theological truth—that man is a sinner. Which two of the above principles best support Marsden’s assertion?
  15. A priori knowledge is classified as non-experiential, or those things that are known outside of experience. With that in mind, it is logical to conclude that which of the following statements is an example of a priori knowledge?
  16. James Rachels argues that there is no moral difference between killing a patient (active euthanasia) and allowing them to die (passive euthanasia) if one’s only motive is mercy. Which of the following arguments does NOT show that active euthanasia differs from passive euthanasia in so many ways that makes active euthanasia clearly wrong?
  17. Every worldview makes _______________ that may also be called “presuppositions.”
  18. When describing or defending the biblical worldview, one should rely on:
  19. Romans 3:23 states “For all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God.” As a result, God sent Jesus to give His life to save mankind. According to this verse, why does mankind need salvation?
  20. Brenda wants to learn more about the victims of violent crime. To gather information, she asks people questions about their experiences with violent crime. Brenda is using the process of
  21. The secularization of American society is most apparent in that fewer people
  22. Which of the following would be useful when using the scientific method to answer a question?
  23. The personal balance sheet describes a family’s wealth
  24. The Countif function is used to count the number cells within a specified range of cells in a list or database that meet a certain criterion, or condition. The Countif function would be useful for which of the following:
  25. When a Christian presents statistical findings from a study in a peer reviewed publication, what is the most appropriate ethical standard to guide their communication of the results?
  26. The Smiths have been approved for a $200,000 mortgage loan. They are comparing three houses to see which purchase is most economical. All the houses are rectangular with one story. The first one is priced at $199,000 with 35 feet by 45 feet dimensions. The second one is priced at $189,000 with 40 feet by 35 feet dimensions. The third one is priced at $195,000 with 30 feet by 50 feet dimensions. Which purchase is most economical when compared with the cost per square footage for each house?
  27. In order to understand how we can use Excel to bless others, all but one of the following are specific ways we can support those who are spreading the gospel through missions.

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