Get Solved CCOU 201 Quiz 3

Get Solved CCOU 201 Quiz 3


  1. Stress does not cause bipolar disorder per se without the crucial roles played by genetics and biological vulnerabilities.
  2. Which one of the following are identified in the text as “anger styles?”
  3. Which is a physiological sign of anger within an individual according to the text?
  4. According to the book, difficult, painful, stressful times of trial or struggles may lead to periods of depression. Such God-sent trials, however, are meant to prune or purify us so that we can bear more fruit.
  5. According to the text, if over a period of time an individual continues to suppress their anger, it has the chance to become repressed.
  6. The most common Old Testament word for anger is “orge.” This word is a more settled and long-lasting form of anger.
  7. Psychosocial treatments for bipolar disorder are primary and not adjunctive, or secondary to the main treatment involving pharmacological interventions or medications.
  8. Which of the following are in the correct order regarding constructive steps for dealing with anger as mentioned in the book?
  9. Which of the following contributes to depression?
  10. According to the text, what is the “mature responder” free to do?
  11. We can follow Daniel’s example in the Bible as he decided to ________ not to defile himself with the king’s meat.
  12. Behavior oriented counselors and psychiatrists often view severe depression and bipolar disorders as being due to imbalances in brain chemistry.
  13. Identify from the text the individual who said, “When I am angry I can write, pray and preach well, for then my whole temperament is quickened, my understanding sharpened, and all mundane vexations and temperaments are gone.”
  14. It only takes antidepressants one to two weeks to work, while mood stabilizers and atypical neuroleptics take much longer to stabilize acute symptoms.
  15. Which of the following is identified in the text as an emotion that tends to focus on the things in the future?
  16. Cognitive therapists have emphasized that triggering situations cause depression versus a person’s mental attitude or self-talk.
  17. According to the text, what percentage of depressed people also experience chronic marital discord?
  18. According to the book, there is more than one type of depression.
  19. What disorder did Jim suffer with, who was mentioned in the text?
  20. ______ is usually caused by something that has already happened in the past, while _____ takes place in the present.
  21. What does “temperamental vulnerability” refer to as stated by the authors?
  22. Which character is listed in the text from the Bible as a great example of how depression can strike even the boldest and most godly men?
  23. According to the text, although we may have minimal control over when we experience anger, we have almost total control over how we choose to express that anger. God has given us the choice to choose to allow anger to control us, or we can pursue _______ anger with His help, which involves open, honest and direct communication
  24. According to the authors of the text, when is the best time to deal with anger?
  25. Which one of the following is not a comparison that the book makes regarding the emotion of anger?
  26. In the chapter regarding “Managing Anger,” who does the book mention as having made plans for a bizarre murder-suicide mission that would kill a planeload of people?
  27. According to the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH), over ________ adult Americans will experience some form of depression each year.
  28. Which of the following is a way of responding to anger that allows us to “be angry and sin not” according to the authors?
  29. What are identified as sin-related causes of depression according to the text?
  30. How many major types of Bipolar Disorder are listed in the DSM-IV?
  31. Dysthymic Disorder is a milder form of
  32. Which of the following are questions that one should ask their client regarding anger?
  33. One of the most effective tools of the steel magnolia is ______.
  34. For many Christians both the experience and expression of anger have become
  35. According to the text, which is NOT one of the categories for the various causes of depression?
  36. The first and easiest step in the change process regarding managing anger is to identify your characteristic style of experiencing and expressing anger.
  37. Like love, anger is an emotion given by God that has tremendous potential for only good and no evil.
  38. Almost all people are aware that anger is a secondary emotion that is usually experienced in response to a primary emotion such as hurt and fear.
  39. Mental health professionals who lean toward which approach suggest that unresolved anger turned inward against oneself can result in depression.
  40. This word used in the New Testament describes anger as “a turbulent commotion or a boiling agitation of feelings.”

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