Get Solved CEFS 506 Quiz Worldview and Philosophical Underpinnings in Integrative Counseling

Get Solved CEFS 506 Quiz Worldview and Philosophical Underpinnings in Integrative Counseling


  1. From the lecture discussion on ways of knowing truth, what can we say?
  2. In contrast to a biblical worldview of counseling, a psychological worldview of counseling
  3. “Imago Dei” is an important concept in the study of integration, and was mentioned by Entwistle and the lectures. This term refers to
  4. Why is self-awareness and humility so important in integrative counseling?
  5. According to the lecture, the term “spirituality” denotes primarily
  6. Finish this comparative key phases with the correct sets of words: theology is to psychology as ____________ is to
  7. The lecture emphasized the importance of understand OUR worldview as a counselor in choosing the model of counseling we use. What can we say from the lecture?
  8. Christian counseling, based in theology, would identify sin as ultimately behind human problems. In contrast, psychology would emphasize
  9. Your lectures for the course have talked about worldview. A worldview is
  10. The lectures explain that ways of knowing (epistemologies) can be limited. What is a true statement based on that discussion?
  11. If I am following the “earmarks” of integration laid out in the lectures, which of the following would I demonstrate?
  12. The lecture talked about levels of integration. What is an INCORRECT statement from that discussion?
  13. The lectures tried to build a case for integrating psychology and theology for the betterment of the client. What is an argument that was emphasized in the lectures?
  14. In arguing for the value of integration, the lectures suggested the following:
  15. Throughout the world, ______________ is the new mission field.
  16. The goals and processes of counseling—trusting God to change thoughts, behaviors, and emotions—are thoroughly grounded in the Bible.
  17. The ultimate task of a Christian counselor is to be Christ’s partner in the process of redemption and restoration.
  18. The research has found that most people do not want their faith to be addressed and integrated in the therapeutic process.
  19. New research has shown that personality, the way the brain works, and other aspects of motivation and relationships as not really changed very much.
  20. accurately to the client is a central counseling skill.

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