Get Solved CJUS 700 Quiz 5 Social Control

Get Solved CJUS 700 Quiz 5 Social Control

CJUS 700 Quiz Social Control and Learning Theories

Week 5

  • Which of the following social bonds is necessary for internal control to develop?
  • According to Walter Miller’s focal concerns theory, the values believed to be prevalent among lower-class males are:
  • Albert Bandura is a social psychologist who believed that individuals learn behavior by modeling others.
  • Unlike classical theories, learning theories assume that motivation to commit a crime is variable (i.e., not everyone is motivated to commit a crime).
  • According to the subculture of violence, some subcultures value violence.
  • The most important social bond in Hirschi’s theory is:
  • Hirschi’s social bond theory has four components. They are:
  • Drift can occur when youth are free from social controls.
  • Deviant peers increase delinquent behavior when social bonds are weakened.
  • According to early learning theories (e.g., differential association):
  • What is Anderson’s Code of the Streets? How do juveniles use the code to their advantage?
  • What was the Bobo Doll experiment? What did this experiment teach us about human behavior? How do its findings translate to criminal behavior?

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