Get Solved COUC 506 Quiz 1

Get Solved COUC 506 Quiz 1

  1. In contrast to a biblical worldview of counseling, a psychological worldview of counseling
  2. In arguing for the value of integration, the lectures suggested the following:
  3. The lectures explain that ways of knowing (epistemologies) can be limited. What is a true statement based on that discussion?
  4. If we are trying to distinguish what “Christian” counseling is (vs. secular counseling), which statement is true from the lecture?
  5. The lecture emphasized the importance of understanding OUR worldview as a counselor in choosing the model of counseling we use. What can we say from the lecture?
  6. Epistemology, according to the lecture is
  7. The lectures in week one referred to Jay Adams (the founder of Noutheticc Perspective?
  8. According to the lecture, the term “spirituality” denotes primarily
  9. Your lectures for the course have talked about worldview. A worldview is
  10. The lecture talked about levels of integration. What is an INCORRECT statement from that discussion?
  11. Finish this comparative key phase with the correct sets of words: theology is to psychology as is to.
  12. If I am following the “earmarks” of integration laid out in the lectures, which of the following would I demonstrate?
  13. Why are self-awareness and humility so important in integrative counseling?
  14. From the lecture discussion on ways of knowing the truth, what can we say?
  15. simply means that a person finds something supremely worthy of their time, affection, and resources.
  16. Christian counseling is a dynamic, collaborative process involving at least three persons—the counselor, the client, and the triune God of the Bible— aimed at transformational change for the purpose of producing higher levels of emotional, psychological, and spiritual health in persons seeking help.
  17. Christian counseling is a form designed to help free people to experience God’s pardon, purpose, and power so that they become fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ.
  18. The research has found that most people do not want their faith to be addressed and integrated into the therapeutic process.
  19. In the New Testament, Paul reveals three crucial antidotes to fear-drenched anxiety. Which answer below is NOT one of them?
  20. accurately to the client is a central counseling skill.

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