Get Solved COUC 691 Quiz 9,10,11

Get Solved COUC 691 Quiz 9,10,11


COUC 691 Quiz 9

  • According to Von Steen, Vaac, and Strickland, approximately what percentage of alcoholics experience depression and anxiety?
  • According to SAMHSA, having an on-site prescribing psychiatrist is crucial to sustaining recovery and stable functioning for people with comorbid disorders and has been shown to improve treatment retention and decrease substance use.
  • There are high financial and social costs associated with co-occurring disorders. Such costs include increased health care and hospitalization costs, less satisfying family relationships, and poorer treatment outcomes.
  • The culture of the client is an important issue to address starting during the treatment phase.
  • A report generated by the National Survey of Substance Abuse Treatment Services (N- SSATS) indicated that (25%) of those seeking treatment for SUDs have been diagnosed as having a co-occurring mental disorder
  • For those counselors who work with addictive and SUDs clients within a Twelve Step model, they should be familiar with which of the following texts:
  • Which of the following are important activities for counselors who work with addictions and SUDs within a Twelve Step model to engage clients in?
  • Which of the following ethnic group received a higher rate of comorbid diagnosis?
  • When treating SUDs, professionals need to pay attention to client predisposing factors such as a parental history of alcohol abuse, risk-taking, and a diagnosis of ADHD.
  • The APA (2018) has recognized the need for additional patient assessment measures to assist in treatment planning. Therefore, they have developed:

COUC 691 Quiz 10

  • ASGW recommends which of the following specific training as minimum requirements to leading psychoeducational or psychotherapeutic group:
  • Family members of addicts should be provided an opportunity to come together to share their experiences, discuss problems, provide encouragement, and learn to cope more effectively with various concerns.
  • An understanding of gender from a developmental and cultural perspective, as well as an awareness of the implications inherent in that perspective, is a critical attribute of the group counselor working with addictions.
  • A visual representation of a person’s family tree created with lines, words, and geometric figures that may reveal patterns of addiction, codependence, or other problem
  • Typically facilitated by mental health professionals, psychologists, social workers, or certified alcohol and drug counselors, these counseling groups typically improve psychological functioning and the adjustment of the members.
  • Group counselors must guarantee that there will be no breaches of confidentiality.
  • Rationalization is the chronic use of excuses to support both addiction and feelings of inadequacy that lead to destructive acting and behavior.
  • Typically led by a volunteer, this type of counseling group helps members cope with problems while providing support to one another.
  • The ACA Code of Ethics states that counselors may only practice within areas in which they have received the necessary education, training, experience, and supervision.
  • A type of counseling group that commonly includes planned interventions that focus on specific issues is commonly referred to as:

COUC 691 Quiz 11

  • The obsessive disinhibition form of craving is the result of dysfunction in the neurotransmitter system.
  • Which of the following is not one of the four pharmacokinetic processes?
  • A first-line agent is a proven medication that is typically given first to a patient.
  • The correct definition of polytherapy is:
  • There are no known considerable cross-ethnic variations in drug effects.
  • The term endogenous means:
  • The term pharmacodynamics means:
  • Acetylcholine is a neurotransmitter.
  • There exists no scientific evidence that one can “treat a drug with a drug.”
  • Anxiolytics are the class of medication used to treat depression.

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