Get Solved EDUC 350 Quiz 4,5,6

Get Solved EDUC 350 Quiz 4,5,6

EDUC 350 Quiz 4: Assessment

  1. Frequent use of timed tests is recommended for enhanced information processing.
  2. Which of the following factors is NOT one of the three separate but interrelated grades recommended by Sousa and Tomlinson to help develop a growth mindset in students regarding assessment?
  3. Match the purpose for assessment to the type of assessment that best accomplishes it.
  4. Which of the following type of assessment should not be assigned a grade?
  5. Most of the questions asked of you in these textbook reading quizzes represent an assessment of convergent thinking.
  6. In a paragraph of 4 to 5 sentences, in your own words explain what is meant by “habits of mind and work” and how this concept relates to assessment.

EDUC 350 Quiz 5: Student Readiness to Learn

  1. Reading readiness is another way of saying reading ability.
  2. Lev Vygotsky’s concept of ZPD (Zone of Proximal Development) would be most comparable to which of the following reading levels?
  3. Match the key curriculum elements to the correct description.
  4. Match the concepts below.
  5. Permitting freedom for students to select the order in which they complete tasks is an example of which differentiation strategy?
  6. In a paragraph of 4 to 5 sentences, in your own words describe what Vygotsky meant by the Zone of Proximal Development and provide an example of how a teacher might implement this concept in a practical way.

EDUC 350 Quiz 6: Student Interest

  1. Which of the following statements is TRUE regarding what the authors suggest about basing learning on student interest?
  2. Which of the following scenarios best illustrates what the authors mean by flow?
  3. What two types of student interest do the authors describe?
  4. Which of the following is TRUE about the connection between learning readiness and student interest?
  5. The authors discourage sidebar studies because they distract from the core curriculum.
  6. In a paragraph of 4 to 5 sentences, develop a new example of how you might use expert groups to address student interest in a particular unit of study.

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