Get Solved EVAN 101 Quiz 3

Get Solved EVAN 101 Quiz 3

EVAN 101 Quiz 3: Personal Evangelism

  1. According to Pace & Wheeler, Incarnation Apologetics is the public and private lifestyle of Christians that validates the truths of the Bible.
  2. According to Pace & Wheeler, meditation is an intentional e! ort to concentrate on the truth of God’s Word.
  3. Early & Wheeler explain that the Gospel can change an individual, but It cannot change society.
  4. According to Pace & Wheeler, because of the nature of Servant Evangelism, it does not need to be evaluated.
  5. According to Pace & Wheeler, sometimes God uses di” cult situations to teach us how to depend on Him through prayer.
  6. The empathy of Jesus is seen in:
  7. Jesus Himself is an example of a person Who called for a response.
  8. In Chapter 2, Pace & Wheelers suggested a substitute for reading the Bible.
  9. According to Pace & Wheeler, Servant Evangelism is never fun.
  10. According to Earley & Wheeler, sympathy and empathy are the same things.
  11. According to Earley & Wheeler, True Christianity is a blind leap into the dark.
  12. According to Pace & Wheeler, while the Bible describes what God does, It does not express what God desires.
  13. Surprisingly, Early & Wheeler do not believe empathy is a tool for evangelism.
  14. Pace & Wheeler discourage reading the Bible with a devotional guide.
  15. According to Earley & Wheeler, it is possible to be sincere and yet be sincerely wrong.
  16. Pace & Wheeler caution that if the need is too big, then do not try to meet it.
  17. Pace & Wheeler use the term “Incarnational” to describe living with people.
  18. According to Earley & Wheeler, evangelism is both verbal and nonverbal.
  19. According to Pace & Wheeler, Informational Apologetics and Incarnational Apologetics cannot be combined.
  20. According to Earley & Wheeler, Empathetic listening is at the deepest level.
  21. According to Earley & Wheeler, empathetic living is never forgetting how it feels to be lost.
  22. Pace & Wheeler cautioned against using a prayer journal.
  23. The Lord, Liar, Lunatic argument for the divinity of Jesus was based on the writings of:
  24. According to Pace & Wheeler, our con#dence is not in prayer itself, but in the Lord, Who answers the prayer.
  25. According to Earley & Wheeler, listening, not just talking, is vital to evangelism.
  26. According to Pace & Wheeler, using a prayer schedule destroys spontaneity.
  27. In order to obey truly the Great Commission, we must each ask ourselves the question, “Do I actually follow Jesus?”
  28. According to Pace & Wheeler, 1 Peter 2:2 teaches that understanding the Bible leads to spiritual maturity.
  29. According to Earley & Wheeler, listening is so easy that it is impossible to make a mistake.
  30. According to Earley & Wheeler, calling for a response to believing in God started in the New Testament.
  31. No other evangelistic method has been used more cross-culturally than the Jesus Film, and this week you checked out the website. For this essay you need to choose one specific #c JF Resource (App, DVD, Booklet, MP3, Wristband, or any other JF tool) and then describe how it could be used in a specific #c cross-cultural setting (Postmodern, Muslim, Hispanic, Inner-City, Youth/Child, or another culture group) for evangelism. At the end of the essay, be sure to explain how you would ask for a response.

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