Get Solved GLST 200 Quiz 7 Cross Cultural Church

Get Solved GLST 200 Quiz 7 Cross-Cultural Church


GLST 200 Quiz: Cross-Cultural Church Planting

Module 7: Week 7

  1. Interdependence can be described as:
  2. According to Jones, the following practice(s) has(have) proven to be fruitful in ministry:
  3. A significant part of the church planting process is the:
  4. In a church planting movement, who is responsible for planting churches?
  5. Generous outside funding of national churches often hurts more than it helps.
  6. In many countries, changing one’s identity from “Muslim” or “Hindu” to “Christian” is usually seen as a great betrayal of one’s family and friends.
  7. According to George Patterson, to start a church that will multiply, which of the following steps are a normal part of planting a church in a pioneer eld?
  8. Insider movements can be considered to be “implanted” when the gospel takes root WITHIN a pre-existing community.
  9. What are the 3 aspects of church planting mentioned in “Church Planning in Urban Slums?”
  10. Interdependence within the body of Christ is the basis for interdependency in missions.
  11. New Testament commands carry equal authority with the Apostolic practices recorded in the Bible. Both should be enforced as laws for the church.
  12. A ____________________ is “A rapid multiplication of indigenous churches planting churches that sweeps through a people group or population segment.”
  13. Donald McGavran is most closely identified with which type of Christward movement?
  14. Discipleship begins at conversion and continues as an ongoing process.
  15. The more a church planting movement grows, the less dominant outsiders should become, and the more the new believers become the primary leaders of the movement.
  16. What is the responsibility of the local church?
  17. How ought we approach giving when it comes to poor congregations?
  18. When seeking to multiply churches, the “hub” strategy is a good strategy because it recognizes that the “mother church” has reproductive power and can reproduce multiple “daughter churches.”
  19. As churches multiply in a pioneer area, it is vitally important for Western missionaries to retain control of the national churches.
  20. According to Dr. Ritchie, making disciples involves leading people to become an integral part of His church as lifelong followers and ministers.
  21. Church Planting Movements are wholly a work of God and Christians do little or nothing to stop or start the movements.
  22. According to Neil Cole, the church is primarily an organization having an institutional shape.
  23. Teaching someone to obey all that Christ commanded and to surrender all aspects of one’s life to Christ is the essence of:
  24. Which of the following is NOT one of the three types of Christward movements?
  25. David Garrison is most closely identified with which type of Christward movement?

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