Get Solved GOVT 220 Quiz World View 1

Get Solved GOVT 220 Quiz World View 1


  1. Which of the following world views has not influenced American Government and society?
  2. Classical liberalism was influenced by which of the following World Views?
  3. During the middle ages, the predominant social, political, and cultural force in Western Europe was found in
  4. One of the tenants of Modernism is that
  5. According to the worldview of Modernism, mankind’s progress come from
  6. Modernism and Postmodernism believe that
  7. What is the historical order of these competing worldviews?
  8. Which worldview seeks to reconcile a belief in the supernatural with a logical approach to life?
  9. Which worldview does not seek to reconcile a belief in the spiritual with a coherent, logical framework?
  10. The statement that the Catholic Church is the supreme social, cultural, and sometimes even political authority comes from which worldview?
  11. Which worldview emphasizes naturalism and rejects any belief in the supernatural as superstition?
  12. Which worldview was heavily influenced by the Renaissance and the Enlightenment?
  13. Which worldview rejects any belief in “metanarratives” since those are usually attempted by one group?
  14. Which worldview was predominant in the Middle Ages?
  15. Which worldview emphasizes a pragmatic “whatever works” approach to life?
  16. Which worldview rejects a materialistic/naturalistic approach to life?
  17. Which worldview considers the bible to be the ultimate authority of truth?
  18. This worldview arose as a reaction to the abuses of the Catholic Church.
  19. This worldview regards evolution as the major explanation for human life and assumes human progress is based on evolution.
  20. This worldview arose as a reaction to the abuses of political tyrants and western colonizers.
  21. Marxism is an example of
  22. Feminism is an example of
  23. Multi-culturalism is an example of
  24. Progressivism is an example of
  25. Critical theory is an example of this.

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