Get Solved GOVT 327 Quiz 3

Get Solved GOVT 327 Quiz 3



  1. Counties were initially created by states to function as their administrative appendages, which means that counties were
  2. Under regional government, local jurisdictions
  3. In terms of voter turnout, states with moralistic political cultures typically experience
  4. Over time, most states have gradually relaxed their control over localities through grants of home rule, which give local governments more decision-making power.
  5. The main reason that there are only two major political parties in the United States is attributable to Article VII, Section 4 in the U.S. Constitution, which mandates that the nation will have only two parties.
  6. Organizations of like-minded individuals who desire to influence government are commonly called
  7. Grassroots lobbying involves
  8. State mandates are a process where
  9. Major factors that help explain nonparticipation in politics include
  10. According to political scientist Clarence Stone, the concepts of systemic power and strategic advantage explain why community decisions so frequently favor upper-strata interests. Thus,

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