Get Solved HIUS 316 Quiz Tragic Prelude

Get Solved HIUS 316 Quiz Tragic Prelude

HIUS 316 Quiz: Tragic Prelude

  1. Although many Free Soil members opposed slavery as immoral, banning the expansion of slavery into the western territories was largely motivated by a desire to protect white labor from black competition.
  2. Evangelical revivals and reform movements throughout the Jacksonian Era work laid the groundwork for women to come together in a formal way to promote their own rights.
  3. In 1848 the anti-slavery movement did not have enough support to secure the Free Soil Party a victory over the Whigs or Democrats.
  4. What was spiritualism?
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  6. What imagery did Southerners sometimes use to describe the cultural difference between the North and South?
  7. Before becoming president, Zachary Taylor had no political experience and had never voted in a presidential election.
  8. Despite the slogan “Free soil, free speech, free labor, and free men!” Frederick Douglass and other black leaders soon denounced the Free Soil Party as not concerned with the rights of blacks.
  9. Who was the presidential nominee of the newly formed Free Soil Party in 1848?
  10. What signified a turn to violence instead of politics or moral persuasion as the way to end slavery?
  11. What was Zachary Taylor’s stance on slavery?
  12. What was the nickname given to Democrats who opposed the expansion of slavery into the western territories?
  13. Where was the first women’s rights convention held?
  14. What diverse groups joined together to make up the new Free Soil Party for the 1848 election?
  15. What year do most historians point to as the close of the Jacksonian Era?
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  17. Who helped increase the impact of John Brown’s violent raid on Harper’s Ferry?
  18. How did the four presidents after James K. Polk handle increasing tensions over slavery?
  19. Although unsuccessful in the 1848 election, what was the result of the Free Soil Party’s run in the 1848 election?
  20. Who were some famous Jacksonian American converts to spiritualism?
  21. Who were influential spiritualists in mid-19th century America?
  22. What is an event that marks the close of the Age of Jackson?
  23. Describe some of the events towards the end of the Jacksonian Era that highlighted the turn to violence in American politics and set the stage for the Civil War.

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