Get Solved HIUS 380 Quiz 2 World War 1

Get Solved HIUS 380 Quiz 2 World War 1



  1. What was the trait described in the book that best described the career of General John Pershing?:
  2. How long did General Pershing believe was necessary to create a soldier?
  3. The General Staff was primarily tasked with:
  4. What event contributed to the rise of John J. Pershing as a leader of the U.S. Army after the death of Frederick Funston?
  5. What was the intercepted German message that in large measure brought the U.S. closer to war called?
  6. The Root Reforms created:
  7. The legislation of the Dick Act of 1903 created a system of:
  8. What did the General Staff’s War Plans Division “Orange Plan” describe?
  9. President Woodrow Wilson on April 2, 1917, went before a joint session of Congress to ask for a declaration of war on Germany:
  10. Communications in World War One most often relied upon:
  11. The United States entered World War Two with the capability of placing every soldier in a mechanized division on wheels. What unit represented this capability?
  12. Airmen in World War One increasingly believed the true value of airpower represented a knock-out blow. What is the name of the type of bombing attack behind enemy lines this described?
  13. What Army General did General George C. Marshall NOT oversee the development of?
  14. What type of tactics emerged during the Ludendorff Offensive and marked the lessons learned by the Germans in World War One?
  15. What purpose did the Selective Service system of boards serve?

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