Get Solved HIWD 375 Quiz 7-8

Get Solved HIWD 375 Quiz 7-8



HIWD 375 Quiz 7

  1. Power struggles continued throughout 1964 and 1965 within the Republic of Vietnam:
  2. According to the text, by the summer of 1965, what had become increasingly clear?
  3. Although the professor of this course has argued Tet resulted in a military victory, a negative aspect of the Tet Offensive was?
  4. Johnson’s  announcement in July of 1965 basically:
  5. Throughout 1966-1967 the Marines became engaged in an effort to build a static line of sensors and barriers across I Corps known informally as McNamara’s line or?
  6. By 1966 the North Vietnamese had adopted a strategy of:
  7. General William Westmoreland’s strategy for winning the war in Vietnam seemed to consist of:
  8. After the disaster at Ap Bac in 1963, various attempts to brief the President about the abysmal performance of South Vietnamese troops by the American “advisor” in charge of the operation were blocked by what General,  a protégé to the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Maxwell Taylor?
  9. According to the text, Diem ran against Bao Dai the former, unpopular French and Japanese “puppet emperor” thereby claiming a mandate of the people to lead South Vietnam:
  10. The “two unprovoked attacks” on US Naval Vessels would leave President Johnson in a position to request:
  11. Is it true the anti-war movement consisted of a diverse following, ranging from civil rights leaders to radical leftists on college campuses?
  12. The slowness in accelerating the bombing campaign during OPERATION ROLLING THUNDER resulted in:
  13. The ultimate outcome of SIGMA II-65 seemed to validate many of the Generals who had been previously ignored by the Kennedy administration. What was the ultimate outcome of the exercise?
  14. President John F. Kennedy throughout his career had a special interest in what Southeast Asian Nation-state?
  15. Ritchie argued in the video as Dr. Addington mentions in the text, the one foreign policy success achieved by the Kennedy Administration continued by President Johnson and his advisors into the War in Vietnam was the strategy of_____________?
  16. A major and possibly somewhat deceptive victory for the Americans occurred in November 1965 as a result of General Thanh’s smash-and-grab strategy where?
  17. The tourniquet strategy used in Vietnam pertained to what military operation?
  18. The Strategic Hamlet Program saw a Counter Insurgency (CI) strategy aimed at:
  19. The major Vietnamese offensive known as Tet initially intended to draw American troops to were and ultimately hoped to obtain what city in the south?
  20. The author of the text believes President Kennedy was ultimately responsible, even if indirectly for the assassination of Ngo Dien Diem because of his stated support of Duong Van Minh:

HIWD 375 Quiz 8

  1. The Watergate Scandal had the ultimate effect of:
  2. OPERATION APACHE SNOW launched into the Au Shau Valley resulted in a hammering of US and North Vietnamese forces on a hill called Ap Bia more commonly known by the troops as:
  3. The result of OPERATION LAM SON 719 was:
  4. By November of 1973 Congress had restricted the President’s ability to wage war by passing over the Presidential veto the:
  5. President Nixon’s attempt to reinforce the newly installed Lon Nol government in Cambodia had the unintended result of:
  6. After pardoning President Nixon for any potential crimes he may have committed in office; the first non-elected president in American history Gerald Ford according to Dr. Addington was unable to summon much help from Washington for South Vietnam. Do you agree with this?
  7. Ritchie argued one of the finest armies in the world was weakened by its experience in Vietnam:
  8. A disgraceful episode occurred in 1968 that involved illegal crimes committed by US troops, but it did not become public until 1969 when it became the basis for a general public disdain towards the military as well as a renewal of the peace movement. Where did this episode occur?
  9. Despite ranking third in casualties behind the Civil War and World War II in Vietnam, full diplomatic relations would be restored by what year?
  10. Despite the tragedy of the Cambodian incursion in 1970 for the year what had been accomplished?
  11. Beginning in January  1970 due in large measure to protests against the war the Nixon Administration adopted what system for determining draft eligibility?
  12. The operation conducted mostly by Marine helicopters for the purpose of aiding the escape from Vietnam was called what?
  13. The failed attempt to prevent the publication of the “Pentagon Papers” may have had what result according to the text?
  14. President Nixon’s Secretary of State Henry Kissinger announced “Peace is at Hand” just in time to see Nixon reelected in 1972, when the peace talks between North Vietnam and the US broke down because of South Vietnam’s demands, what military response did Nixon unleash to bring them back to the peace table?
  15. By 1971 Nixon in one of the most brilliant political moves in history when he:
  16. The result of OPERATION LINEBACKER  was :
  17. Though the “Pentagon Papers” did not affect Nixon he became very concerned about the leaks occurring in the White House and the result was:
  18. Partly as a result of Nixon’s trip to China, the North Vietnamese opted for a huge conventional attack around Easter of 1972. The US response was to:
  19. Ritchie argues that during the Vietnam War the United States failed to achieve a victory because it never was able to determine a military “center of gravity.”  He further believes the war was really many wars ranging from the conventional and unconventional to a guerilla war of nationalism. In the video-does, does he also argues that American planners tended to see the Vietnam War as similar to the Korean?
  20. As of the writing of the textbook, how many missing Americans still had been unaccounted for in the Vietnam War?

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