Get Solved HLSC 620 Mitigation Case Study Assignment

Get Solved HLSC 620 Mitigation Case Study Assignment



The student will provide an analysis of the chosen event from a risk and mitigation viewpoint. The student will describe the event. The student will discuss and explain what the known and potential unknown risks and threats were. The student will discuss what mitigation strategies were employed and what was not used but could or should have been. The analysis will be written in standard APA formatting using headings and references. A minimum of five full pages of content are needed. A minimum of five references are required.

Based on the student’s research and findings he or she will create a table / chart recommending at minimum 10 mitigation strategies for various threats or hazards that were examined in your paper. Five strategies must be structural in nature and five must be non-structural strategies. No written narrative is needed just a complete and thorough table/chart.


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