Get Solved HSMF 601 Quiz Psychoanalytic

Get Solved HSMF 601 Quiz Psychoanalytic

HSMF 601 Quiz: Psychoanalytic and Cognitive-Behavioral Models of Family Therapy
  1. Psychoanalytic family therapy consists of four basic techniques: listening, empathy, interpretation, and
  2. The essence of psychoanalytic treatment is uncovering _ impulses and defenses against them.
  3. This behavioral technique uses a system of points or stars to reward children for successful behavior:
  4. When people develop distorted perceptions by attributing qualities belonging to one person to someone else-a patient to a therapist or family member, for example is known as:
  5. After identifying problematic assumptions, cognitive-behavioral therapists:
  6. The essence of object relations theory is that we relate to others on the basis of expectations formed by:
  7. The use of high-probability behavior to reinforce low-probability behavior is known as:
  8. Psychoanalytic family therapists pay particular interest to childhood memories when:
  9. The general approach for the behavioral treatment of sexual dysfunction involves:
  10. Psychoanalytic clinicians may not complete their _ or arrive at a final diagnosis until the latter stages of treatment.
  11. A process whereby young children begin to draw apart from the symbiotic bond with their mother and develop autonomous functioning is known as:
  12. Three types of sexual dysfunction identified by Helen Singer Kaplan, which correspond to three stages of the sexual response include arousal disorders, orgasm disorders, and:
  13. is a cognitive distortion where certain details are highlighted while other important information is ignored.
  14. A process in psychoanalytic family therapy, by which therapists urge clients to consider what they’re going to do about the problems they discuss is known as:
  15. If a parent responds to a child’s temper tantrum by giving in or by giving the child extra attention, this could lead to a spiral of undesirable behavior that is maintained by
  16. According to psychoanalytic theory, the marital choice is affected in part by the _ _ _ _ _ phenomenon, in which the insecurely attached child grows up learning to hide their real needs and feelings to win approval.
  17. The most commonly used techniques in behavior therapy fall into which category?
  18. Assessments conducted in behavioral marriage therapy are designed to evaluate couples on all except which of the following:
  19. is an interactive process in which a subject perceives an object as containing elements of the subject’s personality and evokes certain behaviors and feelings from the object that conform to these perceptions.
  20. According to psychoanalytic perspectives, one’s choice of marital partner is based on:

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