Get Solved Liberty APOL 330 Quiz 1 

Get Solved Liberty APOL 330 Quiz 1

  1. Screwtape believes that rationality has been replaced with skepticism
  2. At the beginning of the dialogue, Screwtape states that sophisticated arguments are currently the best way to keep people out of the “enemy’s” clutches
  3. Distractions play a big role in Screwtape’s program of manipulation
  4. Arguments from science figure prominently in Screwtape’s methods of attack against Christianity
  5. Uncle Screwtape is more interested n trying to get people to consider the familiar over the unfamiliar than he is in having people consider one worldview over another
  6. The local church proves to be a source of great anxiety for uncle Screwtape as he seeks to discourage and dissuade the believer
  7. Screwtape spends time educating Wormwood in the art of making the experience of church ordinary/mundane for the recent convert
  8. Screwtape would much rather do battle on the field of a rational argument than he would on the prairies of emotion
  9. Fruitful/revelatory self-examination is an activity that Wormwood is encouraged to get his patient to do more of
  10. Introspection plays a big role in Screwtape’s campaign of misdirection
  11. Screwtape would love for “patients” to pray to an image of God that they have produced in their own mind
  12. Screwtape is very excited about the opportunities that war affords his cause, believing that all aspects of wartime conflict are useful in discouraging the saints
  13. Screwtape offers concentric circles as a helpful image that betrays his view of the inner human The circles include an innermost will, his intellect coming next, and finally his fantasy
  14. Which of the following is NOT something that Screwtape believes is helpful in misleading “patients”?
  15. Screwtape believes, at least at present, that it is best for wormwood to conceal his identity to the “patient.”
  16. Wormwood is encouraged to help the “patient” avoid conflating patriotism and
  17. At the end of the day, Screwtape reveals that he wants “servants that become slaves” while his Enemy (God) wants “servants who finally become sons”
  18. What does Screwtape mean when he refers to humans as amphibians?
  19. Screwtape is skeptical of Wormwood’s excitement concerning his patient’s lull in the “religious state” suggesting that God can use the dry/difficult times (troughs) as well as the exciting/dynamic seasons (peaks) and often enjoys using the former over the latter
  20. According to Screwtape, laughter can always be used to his office’s advantage
  21. Which of the following are ways in which Screwtape encourages Wormwood to exploit the “trough periods of the human undulation”?
  22. Screwtape can tolerate the patient attending church
  23. Screwtape always encourages Wormwood toward having his patient commit outrageous and spectacular acts of sin
  24. Screwtape indicates that action on the part of the patient in a positive direction is worse than
  25. Screwtape believes that it is better for his party to get patients to think about the past than the future


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