Get Solved Liberty APOL 330 Quiz 3 

Get Solved Liberty APOL 330 Quiz 3

  1. S. Lewis believes that when people make certain demands they are indirectly appealing to some kind of standard of behavior that they expect the other party to know about
  2. “Older thinkers” understood the Law of Nature as the Law of Human Nature
  3. Lewis believes that the idea that the Law of Nature or decent behavior is known to all men is unsound because different civilizations and different ages have had very different moralities
  4. What is the difference between bodies and their biological laws and humans and the Law of Human Nature?
  5. Lewis argues that all of us struggle to keep the Law of Nature
  6. Excuses for bad behavior provide no real argument for moral realism
  7. Having a desire to do good (moral awareness) and believing that you are obligated to do good (moral obligation) are really the same thing
  8. The two facts that behave as a foundation of all clear thinking about ourselves and the universe we live in for Lewis are:
  9. Which of the following does Lewis use interchangeably with “Law of Human Nature”?
  10. When it comes to moral law and instincts, moral law tells us the tune we have to play while our instincts are merely the keys
  11. The moral law is not any one instinct or set of instincts
  12. Moral ideas may change and when they do so does real morality/morality itself
  13. The Laws of Nature (like gravity) tell you what will happen while the Law of Human Nature tells you what human beings ought to do and not do
  14. Usefulness/pragmatism is a good indication of what is morally right
  15. Lewis holds that when asked “what is the point of behaving in such a way?” a good response is “in order to benefit society”
  16. The Law of Human Nature must be something beyond/above the actual facts of human behavior
  17. Lewis believes that a materialist/naturalist view of the universe’s origins is a relatively new phenomenon
  18. Lewis identifies two distinct views of the origins of the They are:
  19. Which of the following best summarizes Lewis’ understanding of what science is capable of?
  20. What is the one thing in the whole universe which we can know more about than we could learn from external observation according to Lewis?
  21. Lewis says that there are but two bits of hard evidence for the “Somebody”: The universe He has made and the Moral Law which He has put into our minds
  22. S. Lewis believes that a minority of people in the world believe in some kind of God or gods, while the majority do not
  23. Believing that God is beyond good and evil is a characteristic of Pantheism
  24. Christians believe that God invented the universe while Pantheists believe that God animates the universe or that the universe almost is God
  25. Lewis argues that real things are simple

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