Get Solved Liberty University ARTS 214 Quiz 1 

Get Solved Liberty University ARTS 214 Quiz 1


  1. Cosimo Medici was a patron to
  2. The “return to the One” is associated with which philosopher?
  3. Leonardo invented or designed
  4. Cosimo Medici’s greatest impact was in the realm of politics and government.
  5. Aristotle was not the only basis for teaching philosophy at the universities.
  6. The “Cave Allegory” was from
  7. The Greek word idea is
  8. Brunelleschi invented
  9. Which philosopher encouraged the notion of icons?
  10. Which philosopher did not believe in the gods?
  11. The writings of Aristotle were used in most Renaissance universities.
  12. Cosimo Medici supported Platonic and Neoplatonic scholars in Florence, as well as opening the first public library in Europe.
  13. Aristotle saw the body as the prison of the soul.
  14. The elevation of the artist to the divine during the Renaissance was a result of the influence of
  15. The renewed interest in studying nature during the Renaissance was a result of a shift toward
  16. Who thought the material realm was part of the efflux of god?
  17. Plato believed in the gods.
  18. Rome was given the incentive to achieve greatness in art and architecture because of what was happening in Florence.
  19. Who thought matter bore the stamp or image of the “Forms”?
  20. An element other than the philosophy that contributed to creating the Renaissance was
  21. For around 1000 years before the Renaissance, the predominant philosopher was
  22. There was a shift in predominant philosophy that aided the Renaissance brought on by a rediscovery of manuscripts by
  23. The Early Church saw the most similarities in
  24. Who said art was a “shadow of a shadow”?
  25. Which philosopher thought science was studying “shadows”?

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