Get Solved Liberty University ARTS 214 Quiz 3

Get Solved Liberty University ARTS 214 Quiz 3


  1. The Futurist Manifesto stated that the key to the future was by studying the past.
  2. The railway existed in a life-world that found recorded in a vast spectrum of artistic, social, and mental practices.
  3. The American Constitution adopted principles of the English 1624 Statute of Monopolies.
  4. Above all else, the Futurist Manifesto admired the power of machinery and speed.
  5. England found that steam trains and boats, as well as the telegraph, did not prove an asset to building Empire.
  6. The first step toward the end of monarchy was the Mayflower Compact.
  7. The Futurists never carried through the notion that war was glorious and could help evolution.
  8. Taking the money out of the control of the monarchy and placing it in the hands of the common people is what ultimately destroyed the monarchy.
  9. A growing middle class aided artists by buying artwork in the Netherlands.
  10. The revolution in America against England was connected to what happened in India.
  11. Giving inventors the right to keep royalties and sell the rights to their inventions moved them toward pleasing the marketplace rather than just the king.
  12. In England, the Industrial Revolution was led by
  13. The idea that unwanted populations should be eliminated no longer occurs today.
  14. The Netherlands had one of the first societies based on capitalism.
  15. The idea that the Christian notion of God may not be correct grew in the 1600s & 1700s.
  16. The commodity that benefited most from the steam engine initially in the English Empire was
  17. The author of the Origin of the Species was
  18. The notion of the “modern” was caught up in the idea of an evolving culture.
  19. The love of money is
  20. One of the biggest of the “Consumer Revolution” was
  21. Put these in order:
  22. In the Americas, as opposed to England, the telegraph and rail did not go hand in hand.
  23. Deists’ notion that their god no longer interacted with his creation led some Christians to wonder if the stories of miracles were exaggerations.
  24. The Futurist Manifesto believed that the way to a prosperous future was peace.


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