Get Solved Liberty University ARTS 214 Quiz 8 

Get Solved Liberty University ARTS 214 Quiz 8


  1. Simulation Theory: Hacking Reality believes there is a conscious observer, who is a party to choosing what happens.
  2. God is committed to making all things new.
  3. Being a backward-looking religion is best in times of upheaval such as these.
  4. While Marshall McLuhan gave dire warnings about media & messages, he was optimistic about the future.
  5. The world can seem large by
  6. New is a taste of glory divine but is rooted in the redemption of what already is.
  7. For most materialists, technology is
  8. Before the printing press, education and religion were predicated on privileged information.
  9. Simulation Theory: Hacking Reality suggests more dimensions than 3.
  10. Kaku believes it would be best if humans
  11. The devices that connect us may blind us to the person next to us.
  12. According to Michio Kaku, the Singularity is when computing power
  13. In a poll, Dinerstein mentions, more than Americans would be willing to have their offspring enhanced via genetic engineering.
  14. For a Christian, the body is
  15. Set Theory suggests that things reside in sets, and nothing outside a set exists.
  16. According to Dinerstein, from the 1950s to the 1970s, nearly all of NASA’s key positions were filled with Christians, and 90% of astronauts have been devout Protestants.
  17. It may be necessary to detach from the noosphere to become aware of our surroundings.
  18. Simulation Theory suggests that we cannot imagine things outside our experience.
  19. Simulation Theory: Hacking Reality believes E8 is the most legitimate approach to the universe.
  20. Simulation Theory: Hacking Reality accepts Einstein’s Theory of Relativity.
  21. For Dinerstein, America is in the thrall of “techno-fundamentalism.”
  22. According to Simulation Theory: Hacking Reality, String Theory is the best answer to unlocking the universe.
  23. Simulation Theory: Hacking Reality suggests the Golden Ration (0.618) occurs throughout our universe.
  24. “Faster is better” always squares with Biblical values.
  25. Teilhard anticipated the

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