Get Solved Liberty University AVIA 105 Quiz 6, 7

Get Solved Liberty University AVIA 105 Quiz 6, 7


Quiz 6

  1. The greatest vortex strength occurs when the generating aircraft is heavy, slow, and clean since the turbulence from a “dirty” aircraft configuration hastens wake decay.
  2. A crosswind increases the lateral movement of the upwind vortex and decreases the movement of the downwind vortex.
  3. The lowest pressure occurs over the upper wing surface and the highest pressure under the wing.
  4. Vortices are generated from the moment an aircraft leaves the ground (until it touches down).
  5. Which of the following is NOT a common cause of runway confusion:
  6. What system uses materials of closely controlled strength and density placed at the end of a runway to stop or greatly slow an aircraft that overruns the runway?
  7. The words “line up and wait” have replaced “position and hold” in directing you to taxi onto a runway and await takeoff clearance.
  8. What are the dimensions of the runway end safety area at most commercial airports?
  9. If the control tower intendeds for a pilot to wait before entering an active runway, what specific verbal instruction will be given to the pilot?
  10. Chose all that apply: Which of the following is true about vortexes?

Quiz 7

  1. Students are not eligible to apply for the R-ATP Certifying Certificate until they hold an FAA Commercial Pilot Certificate and their B.S Degree (Aeronautics, Aviation, or
  2. Which of the following courses relates to decision-making, situational awareness, crew coordination, communication, human error, fatigue, fitness, attitudes, training devices, controls, and workload management?
  3. The R-ATP requires academic coursework in all the following topics EXCEPT:
  4. The ATP CTP applies to applicants for an ATP certificate with an airplane category multiengine class rating or an ATP certificate issued concurrently with an airplane type rating and is intended to prepare the applicant to operate safely in those operations which require an ATP certificate by rule.
  5. Students may, at their discretion, transfer to another R-ATP institution having partially completed the Instrument, for example, and continue where Instrument training where they left off at the previous institution.

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