Get Solved Liberty University AVIA 220 Quiz 1 

Get Solved Liberty University AVIA 220 Quiz 1

  1. Always confirm the fuel quantity indicated on the fuel gauges by____?
  2. 14 CFR part 61 pertains to
  3. The underlying purpose of flight training is to develop skills and safe habits that are transferable to any airplane.
  4. When doing a ground check of an altimeter the variations between known field elevation and altimeter indication should not be greater than_____?
  5. Is “hand propping” an engine to start it legal?
  6. While taxiing, the wind is from the two o’clock position. How should the aileron and elevator be positioned?
  7. Airmanship is ______?
  8. Part 61 flight schools are FAA certified.
  9. A pilot becomes one with the airplane rather than a machine operator.
  10. To minimize overheating during engine run-up, it is recommended that the aircraft be.
  11. Automotive gasoline is sometimes used as a substitute fuel in some aircraft. The aircraft must hold a ____.
  12. 14 CFR part 61 requires that a student pilot receive spin training.
  13. If the range of motion of an adjustable seat is inadequate for the pilot, The pilot should
  14. 14 CFR part 67 pertains to
  15. FSDO stands for _____.
  16. Before starting the aircraft, the pilot should call ____ out the side window.
  17. The aircraft pre-flight begins
  18. The FAA Airman Certification Standards are
  19. A good flight instructor will use a
  20. Which of these documents must be on board the airplane when it flies?
  21. Explain appropriate procedures and speeds to use while taxiing an airplane.
  22. Discuss some of the last things to check before you get in the aircraft to go fly.

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