Get Solved Liberty University AVIA 227 Quiz 3

Get Solved Liberty University AVIA 227 Quiz 3


  1. Which decision model is used to help in the decision-making process when time is available?
  2. Which technique is recommended when making changes to course or altitude in an aircraft with advanced avionic systems?
  3. Use the comprehensive risk assessment tool to calculate a risk assessment score and determine risk This is a situation where you have a well-rested pilot who is feeling a bit off due to allergies (not taking any medication). The pilot took the necessary measures to allow for a relaxed night flight.
  4. What options does a VFR pilot wanting to fly from Point A to Point B (50nm) have if marginal weather is encountered?
  5. The PAVE checklist is designed for which phase of flight?
  6. Which system is considered a part of an advanced avionics aircraft?
  7. Which is the definition of risk management?
  8. The Veillette-Decker study revealed which task triggered aircraft mishandling errors.
  9. Which letter of the IMSAFE checklist considers the impact of taking medicine for allergies?
  10. Which is a critical first step in risk management?
  11. Using a minimum of two paragraphs, identify and briefly explain the three flight management skills that should be developed in a single pilot.
  12. Using a minimum of two paragraphs, explain the elements of the 5P checklist and when the checklist should be

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