Get Solved Liberty University AVIA 230 Quiz 1 

Get Solved Liberty University AVIA 230 Quiz 1


  1. Surprisingly, most of the world’s aviation efforts in unmanned aircraft after World War I did not pursue weapon platforms like the wartime aerial torpedo and bomb. Instead, work focused primarily on employing unmanned aircraft technology as _____________.
  2. Under _________ control the operator has direct, unassisted control of the aircraft’s flight path.
  3. Unmanned aircraft development in the follow-on Cold War years shifted dramatically toward reconnaissance and decoy missions. This trend has continued today, where nearly ____% of unmanned aircraft are involved in some form of data gathering in the military, law enforcement, and environmental monitoring arenas.
  4. The most frequently used radar decoy was the _________, which could be carried inside the bomb bay of a B-52 and air-launched prior to the bombing run.
  5. What missions concept of operations was for pilots in the aircraft to control it during takeoff, once established in remote-controlled cruising flights, these pilots would arm the explosives and parachute from the “flying bomb” over friendly England while the aircraft, controlled by an operator in a nearby manned bomber, would be guided to its target.
  6. Which unmanned aerial vehicle was credited with the first use of a camera system?
  7. What was the most popular target aircraft through WW2?
  8. Law enforcement agencies are interested in using Small UAS for crime scene reconstruction. What is the primary method used to provide this information?
  9. _____________ taught the fledgling aviation world the secrets of controlled flight, namely, their wing-warping approach to roll control, and a movable horizontal “rudder” for pitch control, aircraft development experienced a burst of technical advancement.
  10. The Sperry team persevered and finally on March 6, 1918, the ________________ successfully launched unmanned, flew its 1000-yard course in stable flight and dived on its target at the intended time and place, then recovered and landed.
  11. In the late 1970s, capitalizing on the Marine Corps Bikini configuration, the Israelis developed a small tactical battlefield surveillance UAS called the _______, built by Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI).
  12. As the largest industry in the world, _____________ is present in nearly every country and employs millions of people around the globe.
  13. Under _________ control the operator has indirect, assisted control of the aircraft’s flight path.
  14. ______________ any flight operation, the operator should understand the desired information to be collected and the method by which the data must be acquired.
  15. Due to the limited range of torpedoes, the _________ was used to carry the torpedo to the area of the enemy submarine.
  16. Some 10,000 V-1s were launched against Allied cities and military targets, killing some __________ people.
  17. ___________ control requires extensive operator training and experience to accomplish effectively and safely.
  18. An aerial map is corrected to account for deformation through a process known as _____________ .
  19. Fixed-wing UAS platforms have the advantage of:
  20. __________________ is defined as “the science of making reliable measurements by the use of photographs and especially aerial photographs” ( 2015).
  21. In what year did NASA conduct the first unmanned flights over tropical cyclones?
  22. Under _________ control the operator has direct, assisted control of the aircraft’s flight path.
  23. In the post World War 1, pre World War 2 era, UAS were used by the military for __________________.
  24. Which of the following was a characteristic of the Kettering Aerial Bomb?
  25. What was the nickname given to the V-1 unmanned aircraft?

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