Get Solved Liberty University AVIA 230 Quiz 7 

Get Solved Liberty University AVIA 230 Quiz 7


  1. This step is the final paper design and analysis that is done prior to ordering and acquisition of parts and components for the fabrication phase.
  2. A _________ is an advanced error checking method for packet data, dividing the packet data by a cyclic polynomial at each end, and using the remainder once again.
  3. Line of sight communications allow a radio to transmit and receive a signal __________
  4. Users of wireless data links should be aware of the signal strength for the link they are operating. One procedure that is beneficial to perform before flight is a
  5. __________ and __________ are the first steps in the design process and often the most critical to mission success.
  6. This step is the final paper design and analysis that is done prior to ordering and acquisition of parts and components for the fabrication phase.
  7. A detailed ___________- is required to properly assess the performance of the payload.
  8. Barometric pressure sensors are sensitive enough to measure very small changes in pressure. In fact, some sensors are able to detect a change of pressure over only _____ inches of height change.
  9. A ___________ is basically a switch allowing a choice of selection between multiple sets of inputs— one set is routed to the output. In this way, the external pilot may y the aircraft manually and safely land in the event of a primary CPU failure on an autopilot.
  10. Data link modems attach to the autopilot to transmit ___________ to the ground station and receive command and control information from the operator.
  11. ________ testing greatly improves the performance of the payload systems and helps ensure their safe and effective operation in the eld.
  12. Which option is not one of the six main steps involved in a payload design:
  13. Part of the job of the ________ is to manage the radio spectrum in an efficient way, assigning specific frequencies (channels) to users, and regulating their power output.
  14. Generally, _________ aircraft give longer duration flights and can travel greater distances but lack the maneuverability of
  15. Regardless of which loop the controller is focusing on, it cannot do more than _____ basic task(s) at a time.
  16. The final test procedure that is unique to UAS testing is the _________________
  17. An autopilot controller usually operates with both a(n) ________ loop and a(n) ______ loop.
  18. RF signals below ____ MHz usually either follow the terrain of the earth or are resected o the earth’s atmosphere to be received at another geographic location;
  19. Autopilots rely on ________ for primary navigation; _______ is essential to the navigation of almost all unmanned aircraft systems.
  20. The purpose of the clock on the autopilot is to keep everything ________________-.
  21. in the context of RF signals simply refers to a direct path between one antenna and one or more others.
  22. The __________________ functionality of unmanned aircraft systems allows operators to know what is happening on board the aircraft while ying.
  23. Barometric altimeter and airspeed information are received by the pressure
  24. The most common ____________ frequencies are 915 MHz, 2.45 GHz, and 5.8 GHz, all of which are LOS frequencies.
  25. Because GPS ____________ are caused by various effects such as passing through different layers of the earth’s atmosphere, correction signals are generated by stations at a known location to augment the original information and increase positional accuracy; the distortions may then be subtracted out.

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