Get Solved Liberty University AVIA 242 Quiz 1 

Get Solved Liberty University AVIA 242 Quiz 1

  • Where will you find your fuel gauges on the Garmin G1000?
  • How many Com Radios does the Garmin G1000 have in a Cessna 172?
  • When turning on the radio, which channel is active?
  • How do you flip-flop your standby radio freq from standby to active?
  • Can you listen and transmit on Com1 and listen to com2 at the same time? If so, how?
  • ATC Gives you the following Cessna XXXX – Squawk 3210 IDENT
  • The Garmin G1000 is capable of playing XM Radio Music?
  • When you adjust the volume on the Com radios in the Garmin G1000, you are able to make one Com louder than the other.
  • The following instruments are shown on the PFD:
  • Will the G1000 NAV radio identify Morse Code?
  • Up to 99 flight plans can be stored in the Garmin G1000.
  • The active leg of your flight plan on the MFD map is magenta.
  • You can view the active flight plan on both the PFD and MFD.
  • How do you get in and out of the flight plan page group?
  • The Emergency Procedures checklist shows up first when you first push (CHECKLIST on MFD).
  • When changing the radio channel, the frequency you are changing is within what color box
  • To toggle between active navigation frequencies (ILS/VOR) you will press the <–> button to flip between the active and standby channel within the blue box. The active channel is on the right and the standby is on the left.
  • How and where does your turn coordinator show up on the Garmin G1000 PFD?
  • You can save a flight plan for later by pressing the following after entering your flight plan:
  • TIS (Traffic Information Service) displays other aircraft traffic within 7.5nm, 3500 feet above, and 3000 below (when they have a working transponder).

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