Get Solved Liberty University BUSI 411 Exam 3 

Get Solved Liberty University BUSI 411 Exam 3


  • A tool that uses time-ordered values of a sample statistic to help detect the presence of correctable causes of variation in a process is a(n):
  • Among the guiding principles of six sigma are:
  • Deciding how much to invest in the prevention of defects can be analyzed using:
  • A quality circle is:
  • ISO certification is similar to the Baldrige Award in its emphasis on:
  • Acceptance sampling, when it is used, is used:
  • The chair of the operations management department at Quality University wants to construct a p-chart for determining whether the four faculty teaching the basic P/OM course are in control with regard to the number of students who fail the course. Accordingly, he sampled 100 final grades from last year for each instructor, with the following results: What are the .95 (5 percent risk of Type I error) upper and lower control limits for the p-chart?
  • Which of the following quality control sample statistics indicates a quality characteristic that is an attribute?
  • A quality analyst wants to construct a control chart for determining whether three machines, all producing the same product, are in control with regard to a particular quality variable. Accordingly, he sampled four units of output from each machine, with the following results: What is the estimate of the mean of the sampling distribution for the sample mean?
  • A control chart used to monitor the process mean is the:
  • Which of the following best describes aggregate planning?
  • Which of the following are typically in play in a circumstance in which yield management is worthwhile
  • A firm has 56 units of product X on hand. Forecasts of demand are for 20 units per week. An MPS quantity of 100 units is planned to arrive in period 3. Customer orders are 24 for period 1, 18 for period 2, and 15 for period 3. What quantity is available for commitment to new customers prior to the receipt of the MPS quantity in week 3?
  • Essentially, the output of aggregate planning is the:
  • A firm has 56 units of product X on hand. Forecasts of demand are for 20 units per week. An MPS quantity of 100 units is planned to arrive in period 3. Customer orders are 24 for period 1, 18 for period 2, and 15 for period 3. What is the projected on-hand inventory at the end of period 2?
  • Which of the following represents an attempt to balance the benefits of stability in the production plan against the benefits of responding quickly to new orders?
  • Bunny Helpers, Inc., has just received an order for 100 Deluxe Easter Baskets, which must be ready for delivery at the start of week 6. An MRP planner has prepared the following table showing product structure, lead times (orders are lot-for-lot), and quantities on hand:
  • If 40 Ps are needed, and on-hand inventory consists of 15 Ps and 10 each of all other components and subassemblies, how many Cs are needed?
  • Net requirements for component J are as follows: 60 units in week 2, 40 units in week 3, and 60 units in week 5. If a fixed-period, two-period lot-sizing method is used, what will be the quantity of the first planned receipt?
  • Which one of the following most closely describes the MRP approach that is used for components or subassemblies to compensate for variations in lead time?
  • A control chart is a visual representation of the steps in a process.
  • Attributes need to be measured, whereas variable data can be counted.
  • The goal of aggregate planning is to achieve a production plan that effectively utilizes the organization’s resources to meet expected demand.
  • The master schedule needs to be for a period long enough to cover the stacked or cumulative lead time necessary to produce the end items.
  • One reason that accurate bills of material are important is that errors at one level become magnified at lower levels because of the multiplication process used by MRP.

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