Get Solved Liberty University BUSI 505 Quiz 1 

Get Solved Liberty University BUSI 505 Quiz 1

  1. What is the main idea of the subsection titled “Why Informatics Is Needed in Healthcare: An Example”?
  2. James, in studying patient safety in U.S. hospitals, found that the number of preventable adverse events leading to serious harm fell in the approximate range of ____________ to _____________ cases per year.
  3. You have altered the menu of food items served to your patients. However, the change has greatly expanded the number of refrigerated items needed on hand. You need to buy a new refrigerator, but the electric circuit in the kitchen cannot handle the extra load and needs to be upgraded at a significant expense. This set of unintended consequences down the line, produced by an initial change, is called:
  4. What is the primary difference between an open and closed system?
  5. A method for exchanging patient data among healthcare organizations that is endorsed by the federal government is:
  6. A facility calls in experts to review evidence developed in research and develop guidelines for clinical practice. Which stage of EBP is represented?
  7. The primary characteristics used to analyze an open system include:
  8. If you choose to evaluate an informatics intervention by examining the impact on a clinician’s ability to think ahead about future events, which level of situation awareness would you be measuring?
  9. Of the following, which of these steps in the CDC’s six-step program evaluation framework comes first?
  10. Which statement describes a repository with central storage of a longitudinal record?
  11. Which item is an example of information we might find in an EHR’s clinical data repository?
  12. Which of the following statements about EHRs is false?
  13. UTAUT is a theory of:
  14. Which two hurdles does the STAR Model address in employing evidence-based practice?
  15. In a social network analysis, each node is usually a(n):
  16. Which group will test out new technology but are not usually seen as leaders within an organization?
  17. Knowledge is the point of convergence across the areas of:
  18. For healthcare infrastructures with many communicating systems, an interface engine is helpful because:
  19. Which example best describes knowledge base content?
  20. Which statement describes the measurement of information as defined by the Shannon and Weaver model?
  21. Health informatics is both a ___________ as well as a(n) ____________.
  22. Which is a significant challenge to technical infrastructures in healthcare environments?
  23. Your organization hires you to conduct a formative evaluation of a new informatics intervention. Which areas would you focus on in a formative evaluation?
  24. The “butterfly effect” describes a situation in which a minor change in input (eg, a butterfly flapping its wings in one part of the world) can have a major effect on output (eg, a windstorm developing in another part of the world). This aspect of chaotic systems illustrates their property of:
  25. Which type of review is considered the most rigorous?

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