Get Solved Liberty University BUSI 680 Quiz 1

Get Solved Liberty University BUSI 680 Quiz 1


  • Which of the following is not considered to be a characteristic of a project?
  • In the _____________ stage of the project life cycle the project’s schedule and budget will be determined.
  • Smaller projects in larger organizations tend not to need project management skills.
  • A professional organization for project management specialists is the
  • Project management appears to be ideally suited for a business environment requiring accountability, flexibility, innovation, and repeatability.
  • Governance of all project management processes and procedures helps provide senior management with all of the following EXCEPT
  • In the _____________ stage of the project life cycle, a major portion of the physical project work was performed.
  • Which of the following is typically the responsibility of a project manager?
  • Which of these is not part of the “technical dimension” of project management?
  • The sociocultural dimension of project management includes managing relationships, motivating team members, and negotiating project terms.
  • Not only is project management critical to many careers, but the skill set is also transferable across most businesses and professions.
  • Since a construction company builds many buildings, the buildings built after the first does not fit the definition of a project.
  • A major portion of the project work, both physical and mental, takes place during the production stage of the project life cycle.
  • As the number of small projects increases within an organization’s portfolio, what is a challenge an organization faces?
  • Successful project managers focus primarily on technical dimensions of project management, which include planning, scheduling, and controlling projects.
  • Projects should align with the organization’s overall strategy to
  • Because of the profitability motive, project management is nearly always limited to the private sector.
  • Because of its flexibility, project management is equally useful in ongoing, routine work as well as unique, one-time projects.
  • A program is a process designed to accomplish a common goal over time.
  • Project management is ideally suited for a business environment requiring all of the following EXCEPT
  • Which of the following is NOT true about project management?
  • Most people who excel at managing projects never have the title of project manager.
  • In the _____________ stage of the project life cycle you are more likely to find status reports, changes, and the creation of forecasts.
  • Project governance means applying a set of knowledge, skills, tools, and techniques to a collection of projects to move the organization toward its strategic goals.
  • Which of the following is NOT a reason why project management has become a standard way of doing business?

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